Friday, April 13, 2012

Home Safe and Sound

First off, I have to apologize for not posting about our safe arrival home. I'm touched that some of my fans were concerned enough to email me to see if things were ok. Thank you.

We arrived to our home airport late afternoon Sat, March 24 and drove home that day. The weather was nice and it was such a treat that sunset wasn't until almost 8:30pm instead of the 6:30pm that it was when we left the beginning of March. It made the long drive home much more pleasant - more driving in the light instead of the darkness. I love Daylight Savings.

The following Saturday, I made the 5.5 hour drive to my mom's to look after her while she recovered from surgery. She's doing well and I came home yesterday.

I had only one week to put my house back in order after being gone for a month, prepare it for me being gone another 2 weeks and make (and shop for) a menu plan to make freezer meals for Momsie so she doesn't have to worry about that for some time. She has to take things easy for a while so having meals already prepared is as simple as taking them out of the freezer and reheating.

Momsie has internet but I felt that I was there to visit with her, not be on the computer. Plus I was busy cooking and baking. And crocheting. And doing jigsaw puzzles. *grin* So the end result is that I didn't get to posting that Señor B and I had made it home ok.

Now we're all anxiously awaiting the desperately needed rain that's in the forecast.