Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tickets Have Been Bought

After several tense weeks of not knowing when Señor B's shift change would start, due to his new position at work, we've finally been able to book our tickets. But because we didn't know when his new shift would happen, we missed out on a great deal with Continental. Oh well. Ni modo.

Usually we take a red eye from our home airport to Toronto and then to Cancun. Then the bus from Cancun to Mérida and then a cab to Progreso. It takes us a full 24 hours to get from our house here to our condo and makes for a very long and arduous trip.

This time, we're doing things a bit differently. We're going to fly with Continental instead of WestJet. We'll leave from our home airport, connect in Houston and then fly to Mérida. The flight is a bit more but we also factored in the bus ride to and from Cancun as well as a night's stay in Cancun, which we always do the night before we leave México, to ensure we don't miss an early morning bus from Mérida. We've heard stories of bus schedules being changed without any notice, leaving passengers in a bind. We prefer not to have our adrenaline pumping too hard first thing in the morning.

Going with Continental will make our travel time quite a lot shorter, about 15-18 hours each way. That might sound like a lot to most, but when you practically live in the friggin' tundra like we do, it's just the way it is.

The only concern I have is going through US security. Señor B always sets off the alarm because of his hip replacements. The TSA has a reputation for being rather intolerant. Señor B doesn't think he needs a letter from his doc about his hips but I think it would be wise to have it. We've never encountered any problems but we haven't gone through US security since his operations. I guess we shall see what happens.

So!...all of that to say...we'll arrive to Progreso late evening of Oct 30 and leave early morning Nov 30.  I can't wait!