Monday, April 8, 2013

Time with Friends


Monday is our last day here so today was spent packing up our personal items, start packing my suitcase, laundry, sorting out the foodstuff...what stays and what goes to the food bank.

I also spent some time at neighbour Deb's helping her set up her own blog. I'm not very tech savvy so, while it wasn't quite a case of the blind leading the blind, it was definitely a case of me leading a blind person without wearing my own glasses. I set mine up ages ago so there were a few things I'd forgotten how to do. We finally got things figured out so she'll be blogging soon. I'll give her a proper shout out in a future post.

Neighbours Liz and Marty had us over for a farewell supper. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and salad. Cheesecake for dessert.Yummm!!!

After supper we chatted and listened to some of Liz and Marty's favourite comedians on You Tube. It was hilarious. We laughed until we cried. Of course, we'd had plenty to drink and funny always seems so much funnier when one's state of sobriety is in question.

We're going to miss them when we go back home.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

At the Beach

Today the Gulf was the prettiest colour we've ever seen it. We've been told that it's almost Caribbean coloured in the summer but during the winter it's pretty murky and that's the Gulf we're familiar with.

Here's a shot from the third floor of the complex. Unfortunately, my little point-and-shoot camera didn't really capture the intense colours that my eyes saw.

It was high tide so a lot of the beach was underwater. There was an extraordinary amount of seaweed both on the beach and in the water. There's always some on the beach but as a rule, there's usually very little in the water.

We found this little guy near where we were standing, watching us warily.

We think he's a sand crab because about 4 feet away was this hole. We didn't see him come out of it but we assume it's his home.

And just for fun, Sr B put his hat on the crab.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Busy Day

My tooth is doing much better today. I did have to take an Advil just after lunch but it's been fine since. Yesterday, I was so wiped from my appointment that I had to have a nap. I'm a night owl as it is so taking a two hour nap at 4:00 really screwed me up. I didn't get to bed until 2am. The young people in a nearby unit partied all night, waking me up at 6:30am. I reeeeally wanted to take a nap this afternoon but I knew the cycle would repeat so I toughed it out.

This morning Sr B and I went to see D and V's little house that they recently purchased. They've had some workers there the past couple of days. We had seen the place when they first bought it and we were really surprised at how much the guys had accomplished in just a couple of days. Such hard workers. Three of them were hauling big rocks on their shoulders. Others were digging. A couple others were making the fence higher. Not a power tool amongst them. And no whining. Try and find that NOB.

After visiting D and V, we went uptown to run a few errands. We want to start leaving a few more things here each time we come down so we needed a couple of totes to store our personal things in, out of the way of the people we share our condo with.  We leave in 3 days so I got started on sorting things out this afternoon.

Later, I went to the dentist's to pick up a new, more specific receipt. D had called them bright and early this morning and they said to come between 3 and 5. Gotta admit, it's kind of an odd feeling being the only white chick on the bus headed to Timbuktu. You get a few stares, as though people are wondering why on earth you're on *that* bus, one that's clearly not headed to where other white foreigners live.

For supper we went out with D and V to La Parilla, a restuarant on the road to Chicxilub. I believe they're only open during Semana Santa and the summer months. They cater to the wealthy meridanos who come out during those times, not to the typical local, so the prices reflect that. Four meals and four drinks cost 650 pesos. Not expensive compared to NOB prices, but pricey for the area. The food and service were both excellent and we would go there again.

A nightcap at D and V's and then it was back home.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dentist Update

Well, I survived it.

Dr Rivera doesn't speak a lot of English and neighbour D is fluent in Spanish so we arranged to have our appointments together. She went first and I took my relaxant then, since her appointment would be an hour long and he had recommended taking it an hour prior to my appointment. Oh my. It affected me much more this time. I could feel a bit of a buzz happening and when I stood up for my turn, my knees were pretty wobbly. Good grief. I was stoned!

I had asked D to tell him not to diddle around with just one freezing, hoping it would be enough, and to please just give me 3 right off the bat. So he did. But it still wasn't enough and he had to give me one more. The pain of the drilling had totally cut through my buzz and now I was "sober". So as I'm lying in the chair, waiting for the 4th freezing to settle in, I'm giving myself a pep talk.

"Ok, Barb. Relax. He said freezing takes better if the patient is relaxed. And you know that once the freezing takes hold, you won't feel anything. Relax. Turn your head the other way to unkink the muscle on that side so it doesn't block the freezing. Relax. Do some deep breathing. Relax."

The 4th freezing did the trick but that didn't stop me from holding my hands on my tummy, fingers entwined in a white knuckle death squeeze. Finally I was done. And when I went to stand up off the chair, my legs were wobbly again. From the relaxant? From the relief of being done? I have no idea. But it made me and Dr Rivera chuckle.

A small piece of my tooth had broken off and caused a cavity beneath an old filling. Dr Rivera drilled out the cavity and replaced the old metal filling with a white one. My cost was 1700 pesos, or $140 CDN. I don't know what the cost would be back home but just a cleaning costs more than that.

D had the secretary write me out a receipt to submit to our insurance company but I didn't realize, until we got home, that it doesn't specify exactly what he did. It just says "Dental Treatment" and the amount paid. I have my doubts that that'll be good enough so I'll have to get another one. I'll also have to get a translation. Sr B doesn't think the insurance company is going to accept it, even with the procedure and translation. Even if they don't, what I paid is probably in the neighbourhood of our co-pay, anyways. All we can do is submit it and hope for the best. And I was in pain. It wasn't like I could wait until we got back to Canada. Even if we don't get reimbursed anything, it was still money well spent.

Dr Rivera is a very nice gentleman. Soft spoken and with very gentle hands. I would have no reservations about seeing him again.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This n That

We leave in a week's time so we did our last grocery store run yesterday at Bodega and noticed how much fresher the produce was from usual. Did the produce truck just come in or is the new Soriana's, with their very nice produce, giving them a run for their money? Whatever the reason, we're happy for it. And Sr B found spinach there. He was a happy man!

Neighbours Liz and Marty go away for 3 or 4 months during the winter. They returned late Sunday night so, last night we spent the evening together, enjoying their photos while they regaled us with tales of their stay in Puerto Escondido.

Today, the handyman that most of us use came and took our hot water heater to service it. We haven't had any problems with it but we felt it was time to have that done. An ounce of  prevention kind of deal. He took it this morning, saying he would bring it back either this afternoon or tonight, depending on how much build up he had to clean out. It's still not back. So no hot water until then.

Sochi, our fabulous massage gal, came this morning. Her routine includes telling us to relax when we get on the table.  Well, Sr B took her at her word and fell asleep. Sochi and I shared a couple of giggles at his expense when his snoring got particularly loud.

Today was another hot one, 38C in the shade according to our thermometer, so Sr B and I went down to the pool in the afternoon and visited with all who were there. Many of the residents and renters have already gone home so it's a lot quieter down there now.

The body of the young man who fell off the pier the other day was found. So, so sad but at least his family can have closure.

I have my next dentist appointment tomorrow. I have a kink in my neck which might affect the freezing.  According to my dentist at home, I'm part of a small group of people who have an extra nerve for the lower jaw. Everyone has one that runs along the temple but a few of us also have one that runs from the neck. It's a major reason why I need extra freezing. In the past, a kink in my neck has completely blocked the freezing, so I'm a little concerned about tomorrow. I guess I'll just have to see what happens.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Supper and Sadness

Tonight we went for supper with neighbours D and V to a restaurant in Chicxilub. I'm embarrassed to say that I forget the name of it but it's just around the corner from the Bamboo Beach. Ron, a gentleman from Florida, converted a house into a restaurant that overlooks the pier in Chicxilub.

V and I both had the BBQ chicken breast while D had baby back ribs and Sr B had garlic fish. V and I had to send our chicken back to get it cooked more. His wasn't too bad but mine was still raw in the middle. When they brought our plates back, they had replaced the vegetables and fries with fresh. We appreciated not having cold veggies and fries. Everyone enjoyed their meals. Even mine and V's were good once the meat was cooked.

We felt the prices were a smidge high for the area but not so much that we wouldn't go again. My and Sr B's bill, for two meals, 2 beers and 2 pina coladas was 390 pesos. They automatically include a 10% gratuity and this is stated on the menu. The service was very good so we didn't have an issue with the automatic tip.

D and I had noticed a pole in the water with a couple of black flags on it and wondered what it was about. During our meal, Ron told us that someone had gone over the pier and was believed to have drowned. I looked at D and said, "That's what those black flags are for." There were an awful lot of boats in the area, searching. Ron thought, but couldn't confirm, that it was a young man, about 20-ish. What a horrible thing to have happen, especially on a holiday weekend. Our condolences go out to this poor family.

After supper we wandered around the main square. There was a small midway, of sorts, set up. Bounce houses, mini roller coaster, bumper cars, mini ATV's for the kids to drive and a couple of spin-til-you-puke rides. There were also lots of vendor booths set up. D and I both bought new bathing suits. We all stopped at an ice cream store and picked up a small cup each to enjoy. Then it was back to the complex for a quick nightcap at D and V's.

It was a gorgeous evening. Warm with just a slight breeze. Great supper and we enjoyed watching all the kids having fun at the square. The only mar was hearing about the young man's presumed drowning.