Saturday, April 6, 2013

Busy Day

My tooth is doing much better today. I did have to take an Advil just after lunch but it's been fine since. Yesterday, I was so wiped from my appointment that I had to have a nap. I'm a night owl as it is so taking a two hour nap at 4:00 really screwed me up. I didn't get to bed until 2am. The young people in a nearby unit partied all night, waking me up at 6:30am. I reeeeally wanted to take a nap this afternoon but I knew the cycle would repeat so I toughed it out.

This morning Sr B and I went to see D and V's little house that they recently purchased. They've had some workers there the past couple of days. We had seen the place when they first bought it and we were really surprised at how much the guys had accomplished in just a couple of days. Such hard workers. Three of them were hauling big rocks on their shoulders. Others were digging. A couple others were making the fence higher. Not a power tool amongst them. And no whining. Try and find that NOB.

After visiting D and V, we went uptown to run a few errands. We want to start leaving a few more things here each time we come down so we needed a couple of totes to store our personal things in, out of the way of the people we share our condo with.  We leave in 3 days so I got started on sorting things out this afternoon.

Later, I went to the dentist's to pick up a new, more specific receipt. D had called them bright and early this morning and they said to come between 3 and 5. Gotta admit, it's kind of an odd feeling being the only white chick on the bus headed to Timbuktu. You get a few stares, as though people are wondering why on earth you're on *that* bus, one that's clearly not headed to where other white foreigners live.

For supper we went out with D and V to La Parilla, a restuarant on the road to Chicxilub. I believe they're only open during Semana Santa and the summer months. They cater to the wealthy meridanos who come out during those times, not to the typical local, so the prices reflect that. Four meals and four drinks cost 650 pesos. Not expensive compared to NOB prices, but pricey for the area. The food and service were both excellent and we would go there again.

A nightcap at D and V's and then it was back home.

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