Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This n That

We leave in a week's time so we did our last grocery store run yesterday at Bodega and noticed how much fresher the produce was from usual. Did the produce truck just come in or is the new Soriana's, with their very nice produce, giving them a run for their money? Whatever the reason, we're happy for it. And Sr B found spinach there. He was a happy man!

Neighbours Liz and Marty go away for 3 or 4 months during the winter. They returned late Sunday night so, last night we spent the evening together, enjoying their photos while they regaled us with tales of their stay in Puerto Escondido.

Today, the handyman that most of us use came and took our hot water heater to service it. We haven't had any problems with it but we felt it was time to have that done. An ounce of  prevention kind of deal. He took it this morning, saying he would bring it back either this afternoon or tonight, depending on how much build up he had to clean out. It's still not back. So no hot water until then.

Sochi, our fabulous massage gal, came this morning. Her routine includes telling us to relax when we get on the table.  Well, Sr B took her at her word and fell asleep. Sochi and I shared a couple of giggles at his expense when his snoring got particularly loud.

Today was another hot one, 38C in the shade according to our thermometer, so Sr B and I went down to the pool in the afternoon and visited with all who were there. Many of the residents and renters have already gone home so it's a lot quieter down there now.

The body of the young man who fell off the pier the other day was found. So, so sad but at least his family can have closure.

I have my next dentist appointment tomorrow. I have a kink in my neck which might affect the freezing.  According to my dentist at home, I'm part of a small group of people who have an extra nerve for the lower jaw. Everyone has one that runs along the temple but a few of us also have one that runs from the neck. It's a major reason why I need extra freezing. In the past, a kink in my neck has completely blocked the freezing, so I'm a little concerned about tomorrow. I guess I'll just have to see what happens.

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