Monday, April 1, 2013

Supper and Sadness

Tonight we went for supper with neighbours D and V to a restaurant in Chicxilub. I'm embarrassed to say that I forget the name of it but it's just around the corner from the Bamboo Beach. Ron, a gentleman from Florida, converted a house into a restaurant that overlooks the pier in Chicxilub.

V and I both had the BBQ chicken breast while D had baby back ribs and Sr B had garlic fish. V and I had to send our chicken back to get it cooked more. His wasn't too bad but mine was still raw in the middle. When they brought our plates back, they had replaced the vegetables and fries with fresh. We appreciated not having cold veggies and fries. Everyone enjoyed their meals. Even mine and V's were good once the meat was cooked.

We felt the prices were a smidge high for the area but not so much that we wouldn't go again. My and Sr B's bill, for two meals, 2 beers and 2 pina coladas was 390 pesos. They automatically include a 10% gratuity and this is stated on the menu. The service was very good so we didn't have an issue with the automatic tip.

D and I had noticed a pole in the water with a couple of black flags on it and wondered what it was about. During our meal, Ron told us that someone had gone over the pier and was believed to have drowned. I looked at D and said, "That's what those black flags are for." There were an awful lot of boats in the area, searching. Ron thought, but couldn't confirm, that it was a young man, about 20-ish. What a horrible thing to have happen, especially on a holiday weekend. Our condolences go out to this poor family.

After supper we wandered around the main square. There was a small midway, of sorts, set up. Bounce houses, mini roller coaster, bumper cars, mini ATV's for the kids to drive and a couple of spin-til-you-puke rides. There were also lots of vendor booths set up. D and I both bought new bathing suits. We all stopped at an ice cream store and picked up a small cup each to enjoy. Then it was back to the complex for a quick nightcap at D and V's.

It was a gorgeous evening. Warm with just a slight breeze. Great supper and we enjoyed watching all the kids having fun at the square. The only mar was hearing about the young man's presumed drowning.

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