Sunday, April 7, 2013

At the Beach

Today the Gulf was the prettiest colour we've ever seen it. We've been told that it's almost Caribbean coloured in the summer but during the winter it's pretty murky and that's the Gulf we're familiar with.

Here's a shot from the third floor of the complex. Unfortunately, my little point-and-shoot camera didn't really capture the intense colours that my eyes saw.

It was high tide so a lot of the beach was underwater. There was an extraordinary amount of seaweed both on the beach and in the water. There's always some on the beach but as a rule, there's usually very little in the water.

We found this little guy near where we were standing, watching us warily.

We think he's a sand crab because about 4 feet away was this hole. We didn't see him come out of it but we assume it's his home.

And just for fun, Sr B put his hat on the crab.


  1. Yay! Photos! These are great. I'm learning more and more about the Gulf waters as compared to the Caribbean. The few times I've been there the water has looked incredible. Must have had good timing.

  2. Lee, there are days in the winter when the Gulf is pretty but they are few and far between so lucky you if you were here on the good days. We thought it odd that yesterday's prettiest waters also had the most seaweed. It was piled high on the beach and there was a lot of it in the water, along the shore. In winter, there isn't nearly so much in the water.

  3. I'm going to try to get to the beach more in future trips. As a city boy, I'm pretty Centro-obsessed, but I have to branch out.


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