Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Tradition

Today was pretty uneventful but my fans back home always want to know what we're up to, so here goes.

There's a little tienda, or corner store, just across the street from the complex. Every Sunday morning, there's a young couple who come with pibil, or pulled pork. They're set up with a metal serving area, like you'd see in a buffet. It's got the recessed area where the meat is, with a warmer to keep things hot. They start selling fairly early, around 9am. We can see them from the stair area so, when it's getting close to 9, we take a look-see to see if they're set up yet. When I checked, I could see people there so I strolled on over. It looked as though they'd been open for a little while because they had less than they usually do. I guess we'll have to start checking on them a little earlier.

The gal weighs out the meat based on what you tell her you want to spend. You can also buy bread and a small bag of chopped onions and habanero sauce is included, if you want them. We pass on the hot We get the 50 peso bag. It seems to me that the bag was smaller than it was in Nov and the bread was 50 centavos more, each. I hope we weren't victims of "gringo pricing". We got the bag of meat and 3 loaves of bread, each about a foot long, for 59 pesos/$4.60CAN, which was enough for both of us for lunch and one for supper so it's still an excellent price. And it's omg-delicious. This is going to become a Sunday tradition.

It was windy and cool today. I had to put on pants and a sweater. Ok, folks at home are wondering how cold could it possibly be. True, it's way warmer here than there but that north wind off the Gulf is right chilly. And it was a strong wind so, yeah, it wasn't an overly pleasant day. Since it was too miserable to go anywhere, I took care of housework...laundry, sweeping, mopping and all that other mundane stuff. Just like I would do if it was a snow day back home.


  1. So you've got cash now? I'll happily fly down from Connecticut and spot you $500 pesos. I'm sure there are about 1,000 others up here with the same idea. Winter weather has definitely returned.

  2. You're making me very hungry!

  3. Lee, come on down! The water's great! We do have some cash from our last trip down and we have a bit from a rental so we're not completely penniless. But the budget will be tight if we can't use our debit cards.

    Debbie, their pibil is delicious as is the bread. I can't say I care for the light flour coating on the bread, though. I always rub that off.


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