Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nope. I Haven't Fallen off the Planet

So we did make it down this past March but our internet was still a bit spotty. We brought down new devices this trip and some extensive pruning of trees that was blocking the routers (or something related to the signal) made for a better connection but, you know, I was so fed up and disheartened from November's fiasco that I just didn't have the fortitude to try to post anything. Too often, I'd have a post typed up and then it wouldn't post.

So I guess I'll do a bit of a catch up. I'll try not to make it a novel.

I was reading through the last few posts to see what I'd written and I realized that I never updated on the baby status from March last year. We made it home about a week before Baby was born. We received another g'daughter who is now almost 14 months old. This is g'child #5. The girls are the bookends, one on each end, with the 3 boys in the middle. It's sure been nice to be able to buy pink, frilly things again. The eldest g'daughter is almost 15. Pink and frilly just doesn't cut it with her

The first 2 weeks in December saw my mom, sister and brother-in-law come for a visit. Mom came down with my sister and hubby who stayed for a week. Two weeks later, she flew back with us. It was her first time out of Canada, never mind going to somewhere tropical! Mom has always been a real roadrunner, zooming along wherever she went. But she's been having some leg problems and so she wasn't able to walk very far. I knew she wasn't as spry as she once was but I was surprised to see how far she'd declined. (I live almost 6 hours from my home town so I don't see Mom often). She was very frustrated but we did the best we could. Some of the plans we'd made had to be nixed which was unfortunate.

We all went to Uxmal but she could hardly make it up the walkway that opens up into the grounds. We'd had the foresight to bring a fold up chair with us so she and I hung out in the shade while the others toured the site. Even though she couldn't walk around, she enjoyed seeing the little bit that she could. She was amazed at the size of the Pyramid of the Magician.

We spent a lot of time down at the beach, which she really enjoyed. She grew up in the Maritimes so it reminded her of that.

Her birthday is in December so I arranged a little pot luck party for her. She was so thrilled to be able to celebrate her birthday without snow.

Sr B retired the end of Feb. We're now officially retired old f*rts. Woo Hoo!!!! The team that he worked with hired a limo to pick me up at our house and drive me out to the worksite. After a small farewell party, the limo took us home. They had even supplied some adult beverages for the ride home as well as a fabulous food basket. What a great group!

We headed back to Progreso the beginning of March, planning on staying for 5 weeks. Sr B's mom had been failing since the fall and we hemmed and hawed about whether or not to come down. We decided we couldn't put our lives on hold so we made the trip, knowing there was chance we might have to come home early. We did. His mom passed away 2 weeks before our scheduled return.

United Airlines charged us $200 per person, per leg, to change our flight time! Cancun to Houston and then Houston to our home airport. Eight hundred dollars it cost us!! It's bleeping obscene! We're not sure if we can get any of that back due to bereavement. We're still waiting for a copy of the death certificate.

Sr B had arthroscopic surgery on his knees 3 weeks ago to remove some arthritic debris. His surgeon, the same one who did his shoulder a year and a half ago, said he would need new knees eventually. Good grief! He's still in some pain but he's back golfing so he's a happy

Oh, hey! We finally got ourselves a Mexican cell phone! We hadn't really needed one before but, after a few inconveniences in November/December, we decided to spring for one. I haven't completely figured it out but the writing on it is in English so it'll just take some time.
Ok. I promised not to write a novel so this is...


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