Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Flight's Been Booked

We booked our flight today. We'll be coming down Oct 30 and departing Dec 2. Almost 5 glorious weeks of fun in the sun. Well, it won't be all fun. We're homeowners, after all, and there's always some maintenance to do whenever we come down. But, hey, no snow shovelling for 5 weeks so it's all good. :-)

The couple who used to live next door to us, and with whom we're still good friends, will be flying down with us and returning on the 11th. They've never been to México before, other than a quick trip over the border when they've been visiting friends in Arizona. I'm excited to be able to share "our" México with them.

We're flying into Cancún and staying in Playa for the first 3 days, then a couple days in Cancún before heading over to Progreso.

In a previous post, I mentioned doing Snoopy's happy dance. Doin' it again. (Pic pinched from Google)


  1. I'm doing the happy dance right there with you! We were actually able to get the dates to work with our frequent flyer miles this time, so we are officially booked and following your suit. We'll be in Playa for 5 days (about a week before you) and the rest of the time we'll be in and around Merida. Can hardly wait!

  2. I'm so happy for you, Susan. How fabulous that you could use your FF points. I've heard they can be a bit of a PITA.

  3. Sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned!

  4. Linda, we hope our friends think it's wonderful. We've got some touristy things planned as well as showing them day-to-day life.


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