Thursday, September 15, 2011

Latin American Bloggers Conference

The 4th Annual LA Bloggers Conference is scheduled for Nov 5th, 2011.

I went last year and had a great time. I'm incredibly shy so it was really difficult to be in a roomful of people I'd never met. I'd read most of their blogs but hadn't done much commenting so didn't even know these folks "cyber-ly". Many of the attendees write professionally or did in the past. I felt like a first grader amongst a bunch of graduates. But they all made me feel welcome and some have since extended the hand of friendship. I'm so glad I went.

We'll be in México when the conference is on. I'm hoping to be able to go again. Our friends who are coming down with us will still be here so I'll have to see how things work out.


  1. I like your description of feeling like a shy first-grader at the conference. I know the feeling. You've got such a warm, unique voice as a writer, and I always look forward to your stories.

  2. Well, shucks, Debbie. Thanks. *doing that sideways toe kick in the sand*
    I write the way I talk but the advantage to writing is that marvelous little button labelled "edit". LOL

  3. Don't be shy if you see me there! I'm looking forward to meeting you and all the other bloggers who have inspired me.


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