Saturday, September 24, 2011

Some Creepy Crawlies

This green bug was on the outside of the screen door one night. I tried to shoo him off with my sandal but he was pretty much glued to the screen. He ended up coming inside, so I sprayed him with Raid, or whatever it is that we have down there, and closed the interior door, trapping him between the two doors. In the morning, there he was on the walkway. I wish I'd put something beside him for size reference. I seem to recall him being about the size of a quarter.

There was also this orangey-red caterpillar that was crawling along the edge of the pool. He's got spines and someone there said he was poisonous.

Anybody know what these are?


  1. When we lived in Florida, we had a similar-looking green bug simply called "stink bug." Stomping or swatting them resulted in the release of a pungent odor.

  2. Thanks, John and Alan. I googled "stink bug" and my little green guy was the first image shown.


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