Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We Have Internet...Sorta

Sr. B figured out if we move the laptop into the bedroom, we get a better internet connection than in the dining room. Not fantastic, but quite a bit better. I'm hoping to make daily posts now.

We haven't been up to too much exciting. A group of us went for supper at a cool little restaurant called La Casa del Faro in Chicxulub. On Tuesdays, they offer all you can eat ribs and on Fridays, all you can eat fish and chips. We went on Saturday so missed out on both offers but we're planning on checking this out at some point.

This morning we had a couple of errands to run. We were standing at a corner, waiting to cross the street, when a little girl who looked to be about a year and half to two years old stumbled and fell, landing at my feet. I tried to catch her but she fell faster than my old joints could react. She looked up at me with a wounded look on her face. That look that says, "Why did you do that to me?" That look that says she blamed me. Oh dear. Poor baby didn't know it wasn't my fault. I just happened to be the first person she saw when she looked up. Luckily, she wasn't hurt. Good thing those little folks come rubberized.

Last night, before I went to bed, I noticed 4 !!! mosquitoes in our bedroom. Waaaaaay up on the 9 foot ceiling where we couldn't reach them. Rotters! So we both sprayed down with bugspray so we wouldn't get chewed during the night. I felt like I was camping. That Autan is fantastic at repelling mosquitoes but, egads! The stuff is practically toxic. You definitely don't want to breathe it in while you're spraying.

This afternoon was spent at the pool and the evening with neighbours Bindi and Owen.


  1. Sounds like I want my days to be.....I'd rather be fighting mosquitos than frostbite...it was from 80F yesterday to 32 today...April can't come soon enough!

    1. Mosquitoes are most definitely preferable over frostbite!


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