Saturday, October 31, 2015

Quick Catch Up

Holy moley, it's been hot! Sr B and I have been hibernating inside. But since it's not snowy, would it be called reverse hibernating? Hmmm...

I'm not a water person so it has to be pretty hot before I'll go in the pool. I've been in the pool every day.

Of our 3 air conditioners, only one is working. Fortunately, it's the one in our room so we're able to cool the room down before we go to bed. We have a floor fan in the living room that's working well enough. It certainly keeps the mosquitoes off the upper body. The legs? Not so much. I've easily got a dozen bites on my legs. I've been spraying down with OFF but it's doesn't seem to be working very well. I might have to pull out the toxic big guns again and buy some Autan. *cough choke*

Today we had to venture out to get a few groceries and after we got uptown I realized I'd forgotten my camera! Doh! I think I finally have my photo posting issues figured out so hopefully I can post pics this trip.

The neighbours across the back alley are having a party. They're a couple houses down but it sounds like they're right outside our window. I'm enjoying their taste in music but it's going to make it hard to sleep tonight.  Hopefully it doesn't go too late.

We were the first of the snowbird group to arrive this year, for a change. It was kind of weird being here with no one else around. Another couple arrived Thursday and the rest are coming within the next week or so.

Sr B's sister and her friend are coming next week and staying with us for a couple of weeks. They've never been to Mexico. I'm excited to show them our little corner of paradise.

And that's it. We haven't been up to anything of note but I figured I'd better touch base for my readers at home.


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