Saturday, January 8, 2011

Amusing Stats

I like to check my stats to see who comes to visit me, how they arrived here and where they're from. Recently, someone found me by googling "I'm an idiot blog". Guess who's blog was top of the list? lol

Can't help but wonder, though, why anyone would be looking for a blog about idiots. It struck me as knee-slappin' funny. lol


  1. I love reading the stats. One that finds my blog is "what do Queens do all day?"! LOL

  2. Last week someone found me with "does crack taste like bananas"... don't you just love google?

  3. Well, Theresa, you *are* one of the Queens of Bloglandia.

    Gringation, I remember reading that one on your blog. That cracked me up, pun

  4. Well, I wrote about prostitution once. Now I get a lot of hits for people looking for prostitutes in Merida. The really disturbing thing is that almost all of them see the link for 20's & 30's Expat Meet Up group, and click on the link...creepy.

  5. Susan, that really is creepy!


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