Thursday, January 13, 2011

We're Headed Back to Progreso!

Señor B came home from work the other day and asked if I wanted to go back to México. Gee, honey, let me think about that. As if he had to ask. Sheesh!  lol

We rent out our condo so we had to check to make sure it was available.We had planned on going down from Feb 13 to Feb 28 but flights were a bit cheaper if we stayed until March 3rd. Alas, our condo is rented for the month of March, so we have no choice but to fly back the 28th. To stay longer would mean renting a hotel for a couple nights, negating the savings on airfare.

Oh man. Ever since we booked the flight, I've been doing the Happy Dance. You know that one where Snoopy dances with his nose up in the air, arms outstretched? That's me.


  1. what part of Mexico are you visiting on this trip? I love the happy dance

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    We'll be staying at our condo in Progreso, Yucatán.

  3. Just found your blog!!

    Yay for having a place in Progresso. Hubby and I have been there once with my parents, and it was just the cutest little beach town! We'd love to visit longer next time!!

    Anyways, I bet February can't get here soon enough :)

  4. Hey! Thanks for stopping by!

    Yes, I'm totally stoked about having our own place in Paradise. Feb definitely can't get here soon enough.

    Love your avatar. It's exactly how I feel. 'Course, the old body can't jump like that anymore, but the spirit sure can!!

  5. When you get settled in let me know. I'll drive out for a visit!


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