Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Wonderful Evening

Tonight we joined Theresa of What Do I Do All Day?  and her husband (yes, the elusive and rarely seen Husband does exist) for a play put on by the kids at TTT. You can see the info here .

Oh my goodness. It was great! I'm under the impression that the students wrote it themselves, though I may have misunderstood. I know just enough French and Spanish to get the gist of the non-English parts. It felt like most of it was in English, though, so it added to my enjoyment. Still, the non-English parts were easy enough to follow along. I think most mannerisms must be universal. Everyone knows what a wink, a booty shimmy, or a tantrum means.

The surprise love interests at the end had everyone howling with laughter and the Gangnam style dance was also unexpected.

Whether the students wrote the play or not, the performance was well done and it highly entertaining. Good job, kids!

Afterwards, we went for a bite to eat. I'm afraid I didn't get the name of the restaurant. Senor B thinks it was Amare. The food was very good and the ambience nice. The big tree growing within its walls, its canopy of branches forming the ceiling, was a unique and pleasant feature. During the day, it must feel like eating in a park.

The fun play, good food and great company all made for a wonderful way to spend our evening.


  1. Hi Barb... thanks for coming to see my students' play. YES! They did write the play, they directed it and of course acted in it. I agree they are a VERY creative crew.

    The restaurant you mentioned was Amaro's. I am glad you got the chance to go there. It is also a favorite of ours.

    Continue enjoying your holiday!

  2. Joanna, we're so glad Theresa suggested the play. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. Husband and I had a great time too. The play was hilarious. One of the things that I love about Merida are that the free plays and recitals put on by students are always so good. We've been to many free concerts, dance recitals and plays here and never been disappointed.

    It was Amaro, I love the ambiance and the food is consistently good.



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