Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grey Cup Sunday

Today was a big day in the world of Canadian football. The Grey Cup is to the CFL what the Stanley Cup is to the NHL. (*snarky comment...*Remember them? Spoiled brats, all of them. Oops, did I type that out loud?)

We started a tradition the first November we were here by inviting one of our neighbours over to watch it. We're one of only a few in the complex with Canadian TV. This year, we decided to invite a bunch of our neighbours in. I asked everyone to bring a botana and we would also order pizza. Well. Everyone brought more than one goodie so we didn't need to get pizza, after all.

I was cheering for Calgary but, sadly, they lost. I don't really understand football but even I could see that they got outplayed by Toronto. So, congrats to the Argos on a job well done.

We managed to cram 15 people into our little place along with all the food. The living room was stuffed but it was so much fun. It's like being part of a big family. Those who love football were in front of the TV and those who didn't broke off to a little side group and chatted. Lots of laughter seemed to be the order of the day and everyone enjoyed the get together.

We plan on making this an annual event.

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