Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quick Catch Up

Well, I'll try to make it quick. I'm not much of a talker in real life, but I can ramble on and on here.

Our flight down was uneventful. No troubles with TSA.

We had some fun coincidences happen:

1) In emailing back and forth with our neighbours, D and V, on the floor above us, we discovered that we would be taking the same flight from Houston and that Senor B and I were seated in the row behind them.

2) While sitting in Houston, Senor B remarked that a lady who walked by looked familiar. I took a look and agreed. It turns out that she was who he thought she was...none other than the lovely Natasha who owns the Cafe Pantleon here in Progreso. We had planned on taking a cab from Merida to Progreso but Natasha, who flew down on the same flight, said she would call her husband and tell him to bring the van so they could give us a ride home. Wasn't that nice of her? We don't even know her except for having eaten at her restuarant a few times. So here's a little shout out for her. The food is delicious and you won't be disappointed.

Cafe Pantaleon
Calle 31 #234 entre 14 y 16
Colonia Benito Juarez
Tel: 969-934-0405

3) While on the plane, I had the pleasure of sitting beside a lovely lady named Mary. Turns out Mary was on her way to visit the distinguished Joanna of Writing From Merida . We chatted  about people we knew in common, she personally and me through reading Joanna's blog.

Senor B and I haven't done too much since we arrived. The first morning here, he went to move his suitcase. He pivoted at his knees and one of them popped. So he was laid up until Sat morning. He couldn't walk very far and what little he could manage was done with a limp. He's walking normally now but he's taking it easy so he doesn't overdo it.

Friday morning I went with D and V, as well as another couple, into Merida. We had hoped there would still be some Day of the Dead activities going on but the square was devoid of any celebrations. We did a bit of shopping and then headed off to Costco for a few things. Not too much, though, because we were riding the bus.

Senor B's knee meant he couldn't go grocery shopping with me so I was picking up a few things at the little store across the street. I'm more than capable of going downtown by myself but the introvert within me kicked into high gear and I just couldn't muster the gumption to go alone. Neighbour Liz took me to Bodega on Thursday so I was able to stock the kitchen with a few things. Today, Senor B and I went uptown for a few more things. Now that I've been uptown, I can manage it on my own. How weird that I need Senor B on the initial trip.

This morning we went for breakfast with neighbours Owen and Bindi. They took us to a little restaurant they discovered. It's called Samak, located on C78. I didn't catch the cross streets but it's north of C27. Cute little place run by Gene, a very personable fellow from Oregon. He's been here for 6 years but his restaurant has only been open 3 months. He made eggs benedict, which isn't on the menu, for Bindi. The rest of us had the all-you-can-eat buffet. Everything was very good.

There was a big revival meeting this morning, at the soccer field next door to the complex. I loved hearing the older hymns I remember from my youth. They were sung with the harmony that makes them so stirring. I'm guessing there were a dozen big Greyhound-type buses that had brought people in.

Ok. That's enough. I said "quick." You got the condensed version of the past few days. I really should have written something daily but my introversion of the past few days made even blogging difficult. I will try to be more diligent over the next 3 weeks.


  1. I'm really glad to see you're blogging again, and back in Yucatan! Please add photos if you can! I've only been to Progreso once, and I kind of need help picturing what you're seeing.

  2. Glad you are back, I had wondered where you disappeared to.

  3. Hi Barb, Thanks for mentioning my blog... Mary is here visiting and she too enjoyed meeting you. We'll be around so will get in touch and hopefully meet up. If you need a recommendation for a doc to look at Mr. B's knee, let me know. Jorge and I have both seen an excellent doctor here.

  4. Lee, I recently figured out a way to add photos that doesn't involve Picassa, the bane of my blogging existence. You can expect to see some pics soon.

    Brenda, I'm always around. I just don't blog much when we're not here because, well, we're not

    Joanna, we'd love to get together with you folks. Senor B's knee is doing great, now. He gave it lots of rest and ice and he's as good as new. Well, as new as an old guy can I'll keep your offer in mind, though. Thank you.

  5. So nice to hear from you. I really enjoy your stories. The description of the revival meeting and the familiar hymns is so evocative. Thanks for the tips on places to dine in Progreso next time we're there.


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