Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When it Rains

Today was cool with lots of drizzly rain this morning. We just hung out at the condo and I took advantage of the cooler weather to do a deep clean on the laundry room.

While it hasn't been overly hot while we've been here, it wasn't a job I wanted to tackle until it was significantly cooler. I don't particularly enjoy getting hot and sweaty.

We use the laundry room for storage and have one of those heavy duty plastic clip-together shelves that don't require any tools to assemble. Everything got pulled off the shelf, wiped down, sorted and re-organized. I discovered I need a couple of bins and hooks to tidy things up even more.

On the bottom shelf, we have a single blow up mattress that we brought down and stored rolled up. When I moved it, a bunch of little dark bits fell out. It looked like mouse poop. I took the mattress outside and unrolled it, unsure of what I might find. Nothing. Nada. I wonder if the little bits were bug eggs.

I also did a deep sweep and mop of the floors and a load of laundry. I spent most of the afternoon working on my Spanish lessons that I brought with me and doing some web surfing.

It's still chilly. We get the welcomed Gulf breezes blow through our condo so it always stays nice and cool even on the hottest days. But, on days like today, the breeze isn't so welcome. Tonight I'm sitting here with sweats and a fleecy jacket on. I could close the windows but that makes it too stuffy in here.

So that was my day. Nothing too exciting but it sure feels good to have that job done.


  1. Gecko poo looks very similar to mouse poop.
    Do you have geckos in the house?

  2. Brenda, I've never seen any geckos in the house but other people live here during the winter months that we're not here so a gecko could have snuck in then. Thanks for that info. Good to know.


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