Saturday, November 17, 2012

Feria Yucatan 2012

This afternoon a group of us went to the state fair, Feria Yucatan. I've been wanting to go since our first November here but it just never worked out.

We took the Autoprogreso. Tickets are 65 pesos each for the round trip. The bus from Progreso runs Fri, Sat and Sun. Departure times from the depot are at the top of each hour, starting at noon and ending at 6pm. Departure from the fair grounds is 6 hours after you leave Progreso. We took the 1:00 time and had to be back at our bus for 7pm. The last bus is the only difference. It leaves the fair at 11pm, so it's a five hour stay instead of six.

Six hours is not nearly enough time. There is sooooo much to see and do. Most of the shows for today didn't start until 4:00 or later and, once we read the schedule of events, I remembered reading that on someone else's blog last year.

There is a multitude of eateries from a regular food court to the vendors selling from their carts. Lots of rides for all age groups, from adults down to the littlies. Shopping, shopping and more shopping...kitchenware, jewellery, shoes, clothes, belts, cowboy hats, trinkets. You name it, it was probably there. Games of chance with prizes that would be deemed totally unacceptable up north. I'm pretty sure the politically correct would be aghast to see toy guns and bow and arrow sets available to be won by/for children. And if you didn't want to try winning them, you could buy them!

I don't know the name of this group of riders. They were a pleasure to watch. Round and round the arena. Back and forth, weaving patterns and crossing over each other. It was beautiful. You can see the horses are running here. Can you also see that the girls are riding side saddle? (Note the gal on the white horse). I swear those young ladies must have crazy glued their bums to the saddle.

One of the filled-to-the-rafters stalls.

It was a great day but we all agreed that the day was much too short so we're considering going in again.


  1. I saw a rodeo like that in Arizona, and it was terrifying! Young ladies in full gowns, riding sidesaddle at breakneck speed. I didn't enjoy it at all, probably for the same reason I don't enjoy watching highwire acts at the circus. I'm just squeamish, I guess. Hopefully your rodeo wasn't as brutal.

  2. Lee, we missed the rodeo. We only saw these gals and their skill was awe inspiring. Their butts were firmly planted to their saddles. Shoot, I can barely ride the regular


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