Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Day in Paradise

Today we had a guy come and install a satellite dish for us. His name is Edel Sosa and I think he's from Mérida. We got his name from the Yolisto forum. Members there spoke highly of him so we thought we'd give him a try. We just need to get hold of the satellite company in Canada to get it set up with them and we're good to go.

We also had the builder of the condos come by to look at some repairs that need to be done. We have a one year warranty on the condo that expires the end of November so we wanted these things taken care of before we leave the 29th. The AC in the girls room still leaks. This was a problem when were down in Jan and it was supposedly fixed. We'd had a repair done in Jan and it was supposed to have been painted but it wasn't, so that needs doing. The bathroom vanity is pulling away from the wall, as well as the kitchen cupboards, so the cupboard guy is scheduled to come Sat.

Those who have lived in México know how slowly things move here. Just because someone says they're coming tomorrow morning doesn't necessarily mean they will. It could be later in the day or it could be in a day or two or not at all. Today is Méxican Revolution Day, a major holiday in México, so we weren't holding our breaths that these guys would show up. We were delighted that not only did they show, but they showed up when they said they would.

Of course, we did tell them that we had plans for the afternoon and that if they didn't arrive by a certain time, we'd have to re-schedule. I have no idea if it made any difference. When we were down in Jan we felt like our time was being held hostage by all the different people who had to come by for various things. Often, they wouldn't show up when they said they would and we'd spend the day waiting around for nothing. This time, we're taking control and not putting our plans on hold for someone who may not even show up.

So, this afternoon, we went to Chelem, a small town about 15 minutes from Progreso. There was a one day market going on that we wanted to go to. We were expecting it to be indigenous people but it was mostly expats selling their crafts. Not saying there's anything wrong with that. It just wasn't what we were expecting. I bought a bag made from oilcloth and lined with fabric. The bags are made by a group of local women and the money goes back to their community. You can read about them here  and here

When we got back to Progreso, we stopped for a few groceries. Señor B and the girls made me wait out in the car. Today is my birthday and they wanted to get something for me. When we got home, I was given strict instructions to keep my nose out of the fridge. So every time I wanted a coke, someone had to get it for me. Didn't seem like such a bad deal to

It was hot again, so we hung out at the pool for an hour or so.

We went to Flamingoes for supper. I had the Yucatecan chicken. It was much tastier than yesterday's. Señor B had a fish dish. The girls both had grilled chicken. We all enjoyed our meal, even YD. She liked hers so much that she brought the extra home. Four meals, my drink, Señor B's beer and two lemonades came to 408 pesos or a little less than $40. This would easily be $100 at home.

We came home and they pulled out a cake and stuck some candles in it. Eight, I think. I blew out all but one. Good grief. I'm getting too old to blow out 8 measly For a store bought cake, it was surprisingly good. Chocolate layer cake with a light (not heavy) chocolate icing that wasn't all greasy like Sobey's icing.

We watched a movie after supper and that was our day.

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