Thursday, November 4, 2010

Latin American Bloggers Conference

From Nov 12-14th there will be a conference for Latin American bloggers hosted in Mérida. At first I wasn't going to attend because I don't live there yet and will probably only be there for 2 or 3 weeks per winter. But one of the attendees invited me and I thought what the heck. It'll be a great way to network and Señor B and I really want to meet some fellow expats this trip. Plus, I truly admire, and aspire to, the writings of the bloggers who will be there. I sheepishly admit that some of the bloggers are new to me so I haven't read much of their blogs. But I will. I have to. I don't want to look completely clueless about who they are when I meet them.

I used to write. Not professionally. In school. I used to write elaborate stories. Then I grew up, got married and had a family. I stopped reading as much. Reading lots is crucial to keeping one's literary skills honed. I'm afraid my skills are as dull as a rock. Flat as a Saskatchewan highway, even. I need to read more.

Some of the folks going to the conference are professional writers. I enjoy reading a well written, professional piece. I also like reading the more folksy ones. I'm not sure what my style is. Mostly I just write the way I talk. Except writing allows me to

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