Friday, November 26, 2010

Furniture, Food and Father

My furniture arrived. On time! They said they would be here by 10am and they were. Those who live here, in México, know what a big deal this is.

I love my furniture. We have a real bedroom now. It doesn't look so much like a bachelor's The headboard is massive! It's about 5.5 feet tall but with the very high ceiling, it totally works. There's an oddity about the furniture that, when I'm able to post pics, I'm curious to see if anyone can spot. I just laughed. I consider it another one of the interesting and amusing quirks of living in México. The stain isn't completely set yet so we can't use the dresser. No worries. We've managed without one to this point.

Señor B got the bathroom mirror hung with a minimum of colourful language. It went very smoothly. So smoothly that it was scary. Things are never as simple as they first appear and our projects are usually fraught with difficulties and frustration, resulting in sailor-style language.

It was another hot day so after lunch we went down to the pool for the afternoon.

For supper, we decided to go to Los Compadres down at Centro, here in Progreso. At the meet and greet the other day, someone had recommended it so we thought we'd give it a try. We each had one drink and a dish called Tobi. It's a mixture of beef, ham, mushrooms, cheese, onions and cilantro with some kind of sauce. Served with tortillas and a little bowl of beans on the side. It was delicious but holey moley. It was a lot of food. We could have easily shared one plate. Total bill was 157 pesos.

Senor B seems to be sensitive to the local cheese. It does bad things to his innards. Imodium becomes his close friend. I questioned him about his choice for supper but he figured he'd be ok. He was wrong.

I'm still getting chewed alive by some kind of bug/s. Señor B got a few yesterday, too. I got some yesterday as well as today. They've swelled up but I'm taking chlortripolon so it's not as bad as they were at the beginning of our trip. I seem to be the only person getting bitten this badly. As far as I know, nobody else in the complex is suffering like I am. I have one on the side of my left forearm and the swelling is starting to make me look like I have a Popeye arm.

Yesterday was the 7 year anniversary of my dad's passing. I had meant to blog about it yesterday but forgot.

My dad was one of the smartest people I know. There wasn't anything he couldn't fix. He was a quiet man...the clichéd man of few words. When he spoke it was because he had something to say and so people listened. He was long on patience but heaven help you if you passed his point of tolerance.

A tall man, he was already slim when cancer struck him. He had little extra weight to lose when the treatments took away his appetite. He had been given 3 months. He made it to 7 and left us shortly after his 63rd birthday.

We made the 5 hour drive to see him as often as we could. My last words to him were to thank him for being my dad (he was my stepdad but was the only dad I'd ever known) and to say I loved him. His smile is the last memory I have of him alive.

The night he passed away, I was awake and felt a sudden warmth, like I was being hugged. I could feel love surrounding me. About half an hour later, my brother-in-law called to say Dad was gone. I believe, firmly, that the warmth I felt was Dad saying good bye.

RIP Dad.

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