Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Last Day Here

Today was another day at home. After breakfast, we decided to go down to the beach. The ungroomed one that's only a 2 minute walk from the condo. We don't give a rat's rump about the tourist beach. Señor B tried snorkelling but he said the water was pretty cloudy. We met the couple that is renting the condo next to ours. Nice people. He teaches over the internet, so he can be down here and still make an income. Sounds like a great plan!

When we got back I cleaned the place up, did laundry and packed whatever items I didn't need for today and tomorrow morning. After lunch Señor B made a coke/beer run because we had people coming over to watch the Grey Cup. Then we headed down to the pool for one last sun soaking. Too bad the sun didn't know our plans. As soon as we got down there, it went behind the clouds and stayed there.

Our company, D & S, came over around 5pm. I don't understand football and have a general dislike of most sports so I didn't enjoy it as much as everyone else did but it was still nice to hang out with D & S. I was embarrassed that I could only offer snacks and not a real meal. We told them we were leaving tomorrow morning so our fridge was pretty empty. They completely understood. Still, it goes against how I was raised and it was uncomfortable for me.

We were cheering for the Rough Riders. Alas, they lost.

S checked out my new bedroom furniture and loves the headboard. She might get one the same. She took me up to her place to see if I thought it would match the wood in the room she wants to put it in. Me?! Gawd! I have no eye for that sort of thing. That's one of the reasons why I wanted L to help me pick things out. Anyways, the headboard is almost the same colour as the wood in her room so I think it'll work.

She showed me the paintings she had done by a gentleman from Mérida (I think) and they're gorgeous. When I'm ready to put paintings up I may get in touch with him.

I can't believe how quickly 3 weeks have gone. I'm so not ready to face the cold and the snow. Señor B and I were saying how, a week ago, we'd been laughing at the girls because they had to go home and we got to stay. Yeah. Who's laughing The good news is that, when we get home, it won't be -30C like it was for the girls.

One thing I'm not going to miss, though, is the constant stickiness of my skin. I just never feel clean. I shower the sunscreen off but it always feels like I'm still coated in it. Give me that dry prairie air. I know how to deal with that and I feel clean after my shower.

I hope I haven't bored everyone to tears with my postings and I hope that I've provided some useful tidbits for anyone coming to México. Between now and our next trip down, I'll be putting up some pics and explaining some things further. Don't expect daily posts, though. Our holiday wasn't exciting enough for me to be able to add 300+

Hasta luego, México.

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