Thursday, November 25, 2010

Girls Day Out

Today I spent the afternoon shopping in Mérida with our neighbour, L. Señor B isn't very mobile so we haven't gone out much other than to do the necessities. I was starting to get bored so it was really nice to get out of the house and to hang out with another female.

We went to Costco and Walmart for a few groceries and to look for some household items. I found a couple of comforters for the other bedroom. Too bad the girls didn't get to enjoy them. I also picked up a few kitchen items I needed.

There's a gentleman who sells furniture and pottery from a roadside stand and I picked up a beautiful Televera mirror for the bathroom. It's oval and the frame is painted with a sunflower design. I got it for 600 pesos. That might sound like a lot for a mirror but it really isn't. Everything is done by hand...the frame, the painting and the glazing.

Then we went to Rustico, a wonderful store that sells handmade wooden furniture in what I consider Méxican style. It's rustic, as the store's name implies, and is the style I've chosen to decorate the condo. For this trip to México, I decided to get furniture for our bedroom so I picked up 2 nightstands, a triple dresser, a king size headboard and 2 lamps. I also got 2 lamps for the living room. Total cost was 7600 pesos. It's handmade and solid wood. I have no idea what it would cost back home but I know it would be a whole lot more than what I paid. They'll even deliver and said they'd bring it tomorrow morning. We'll see.

It was HOT today. The thermometer in L's truck said it was 39C. The last time I lived through 39C was about 12 years, or so, ago...the year of El Niño. L and I about melted but the Méxicans didn't seem to be even breaking a sweat! Today is the first time since we arrived here that we had to use the AC in the condo. The good news is that the repairs that were done to them are holding up. No more leaking.

This morning I went back to see the doc about my foot. It was still a bit swollen but she was more concerned about the skin on the back. She told me to see a dermatologist when I get home. Yeah, like that's going to happen. I'm not sure if she knows how hard it is to see any kind of a specialist in Canada.  For my non-Canadian readers, we can't get in to see a specialist without a referral from our regular doc. Maybe it works that way in most other countries? Anyways, I'm pretty sure my doc will take a look at my leg and tell me I don't need to see a dermatologist.

Doctora Castillo didn't take my BP this time nor did she check out the swelling in my foot. I asked her if I would be ok to fly home next week and she said no problem. Something I've noticed...if I sit too long, my foot swells. As long as I'm up and about, the swelling is reduced. By the time I got home from Mérida, my foot was back to normal size. Guess I'll have to make sure I get up every now and again throughout our flight home.


  1. I would suggest you see a dermatologist while in Merida. I am sure you can find one either by asking people you know or by asking the Dr. that you went to or looking in the phone book yellow pages if you have one.
    My feet tend to swell here in the summer from the heat I am thinking. Well, one foot more so than the other for some reason. Here you don't usually need to wait long to see one, often getting in the same day.

  2. Brenda, I truly don't know why she wants me to see one. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the skin. It's not dicoloured. The texture is smooth. There's no swelling. Nothing. All seems to be back to normal.


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