Friday, November 19, 2010

Of Beaches and Bugs

Yesterday morning, the guy came to paint the repairs. He even touched up some smudges that had happened through normal wear and tear. There were a few brown smudges on the pale yellow wall from when we'd had the closet made and put into the closet space. He painted over those and the room looks so much nicer. I snagged a bit of paint from him for doing touch ups later.

Adriana, the lady who was coming to look at the blinds, had said she would be at the condo by 3pm or earlier. We left her an email saying if we weren't home she could get a key from L & M.

The area we're in is called the Flamingo Coast so we took the girls for a drive to go see them. Unfortunately, there weren't many out so we didn't get good pics. We found out, later, that there are tours so we might do that on Sunday.

We arrived at the condo just as Adriana was leaving. The blinds work now. They still stick a little bit but at least we can open them now.

Señor B and I spent the rest of the afternoon down at the pool visiting with L & M. Then we went up to their place and had a bite to eat, as well as a few drinks.

Today, Señor B wasn't feeling too well after his partying last night. Poor guy. He didn't have very much to drink but the older he's getting, the less he's able to hold his liquor.

We had promised to take the girls to the tourist beach today but he wasn't feeling up to it so we girls walked over. It took us about 35 minutes. We decided to have some lunch once we got there. Then YD wrote "México 10" in the sand and got BF to take some pics of her. BF didn't want her pic taken. She was cold and had herself wrapped up tightly in her towel.

A norte (cool winds from the north) blew in yesterday and, though the sun was shining today, the wind made it cool. The girls decided it was too cold to hang out at the beach. So we walked over to the pharmacy to get some cream for the bug bites I got last night and then walked home.

I wore my sandals which are very comfortable but they're not designed for walking as much as we did. I have a blister on the pad of my foot near my big toe. We're planning on going in to Mérida tomorrow to do some shopping. I hope my blister doesn't give me problems. I'll be smarter and wear my sneakers, this time.

About those bug bites I got last night. omg! I don't know what kind of critter is playing such havoc on my legs. This morning they were swollen and warm to the touch. The one on my thigh is bad enough but the one on my calf is horrendous. It's so swollen the skin is taut and feels like it wants to split. The redness and swelling covers my entire calf and wraps about halfway around my leg. I can barely bend my leg tighter than 90 degrees. Oddly enough, it's only itchy at the perimeter of the swelling. L gave me some Chlortripolon and some cream that worked well for M. If it doesn't start looking better in a couple days, I might go see a doc.

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