Monday, November 22, 2010

They're Gone

The girls have left. It sure is quiet around here now. And tidy. No towels and bikinis drying over the back of the kitchen chairs.

We left here shortly after 8am. Missed the turnoff to the airport and had to turn around. It was another 5 or 6 minutes to the next retorno which wasn't really a retorno. It was an asphalt road but it was quite overgrown. Didn't matter. We were just happy we didn't have to go back 100km to the toll booth.

Got to the airport about 1.5 hours before their flight. Got them checked in and then said our goodbyes at the "Passengers Only" gate. They were going to try to grab a bite to eat. I hope they succeeded. YD is an extremely slow eater. I told them to make sure they got themselves some snacks for the plane.

We had lunch at the airport and then left. Señor B's amazing sense of direction failed him again. I told him we needed to head back to Playa del Carmen to find our turnoff. He disagreed. Long story short, he finally decided to turn back since we weren't seeing any signs to Mérida and try the Playa route. It worked. Man, I like it when I'm

Then we missed the turn off to Progreso but we managed to get turned around and on the right road. We got home just before 6:30. We figure we drove close to 800km today.

It spit rain off and on the whole day and we returned to Progreso to see some pretty large puddles. They must have received a lot today. This is the first rain we've seen since we arrived 2 weeks ago.

The satellite TV has been turned on so Señor B is in heaven.

I've been keeping track of their flight status online (a mom never quits worrying) and their connecting flight left on time. Hopefully they were on it.

I'm going to see a doc tomorrow morning about that bug bite. My foot is still puffy. I did some googling and I learned some things that have me concerned. I know google isn't always the final authority but I'd still  like the peace of mind.

Despite México's reputation for being a third world country, they really do have excellent medical care. Many of their doctors train in the US and can speak English. I'm not the least bit concerned about anything going wrong.

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