Sunday, November 21, 2010

Girls' Last Day

Good news about the bug bites. The redness and blue colour were gone when I got up this morning. The swelling in my leg has gone down a lot. But now my foot is a bit puffy. Nothing alarming, just enough to be noticeable. Keeping an eye on that.

The girls wanted to spend their last day here at the tourist beach this morning. The sun was warm and the breeze off the gulf was refreshing. Listening to the waves on the shore is so soothing. I love it here. I wish I didn't have to go home next week.

The tourist beach is along the malecón, a brick walkway that runs for many blocks along the shoreline. On one side of the malecón is a street lined with restaurants. On the other is the beach. Several of the restaurants have palapas with tables and chairs beneath them. They'll serve you drinks right on the beach. I'm not sure about food, but I expect they do.

We chose to sit near some palapas so we could hide in the shade if we got too hot. A bunch of local birds (some scavenger type similar to our seagulls) swooped down to join us. They were looking for handouts. YD decided to play a trick on them. She tossed a small shell up in the air and one of the birds caught it. And promptly spit it out. She did this several times and each time a bird would dive in for the catch. Stupid birds. We had fun imagining what they were saying. "Mine! Mine! Mine!" "Hey. I saw that first." "Yuck. What's this crap she's trying to feed us." We're easily

We decided to have some lunch at Los Arcos. We all had chicken fajitas which we enjoyed. Too many green peppers and onions for my preference but tasty enough. I picked out the peppers and onions and gave them to Señor B.

Off to the store for a few things and then back to the condo. We did some housecleaning and then headed down to the pool for the afternoon.

I had planned on ham steaks for supper but the girls didn't want that so they and Señor B went to Domino's and picked up a couple of pizzas. They were very tasty. I don't know what they use for a sauce but it wasn't tomato based like what we're used to. I quite enjoyed it as did YD. They also picked up some potato wedges that were really good and something that smelled like apple pie. It was a surprise to open the box and see a loaf of sugared bread instead.

As we were eating, our neighbour, L, stopped by with some strawberry cheesecake that she'd made, as a farewell offering to the girls. It was delicious. Even Picky Chicky liked it.

Tomorrow we're driving the girls to Cancún in the morning and then coming back after. It'll be a long day. They both said they enjoyed their time here but YD said it would have been more fun if they'd met some younger people. But she did acknowledge that we had warned them they were coming to a place with mostly "old" people.

It's been around 30C the whole time we've been here but it's supposed to be something like -27C when the girls land at home. I hope YD's car will start.

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