Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pool Day

This morning the girls and I went shopping in downtown Progreso. There is a huge market place where you can buy just about anything. They have everything from fruits and vegetables to a shoe repair place. The girls would really like to go to a market where the wares are produced by the vendors but I have no idea where to find such a market.

We spent about 3 hours shopping at the market as well as going to some of the local stores. YD found a cute little party dress that looked great on her except it was too long in the body for her. It would have been a difficult alteration so she had to put it back.

Señor B stayed at the condo to wait for the guy who was supposed to come at 11am and do some more work so we took a cab back to the condo. When we got back, Señor B told us he'd received an email saying the guy wasn't coming until 5pm.  It's annoying when people don't come when they say they will but at least we got an email letting us know. We did appreciate that. It allowed us to go hang out at the pool all afternoon.

It was really hot today. Someone said it was about 86F. No idea what that is in Celcius but I know it's hot. The girls sure enjoyed the floaty pool mattresses I bought for them today. We talked to Eldest Daughter today and she told us the windchill back home was -22C. She didn't feel too sorry for us when we told her we were so hot we felt like melting...lol.

The girls had planned on going to what I call the tourist beach, this afternoon. The beach close to the condo is ungroomed and, apparently, not good enough for them. The "tourist beach" is up near the pier and is groomed up all pretty for the folks who come in on the cruise ships. 'Course, when I was 20-something, I probably would have preferred the groomed beach, too. The plan had been that Señor B would drop them off and they would walk back, since we had to be at the house for the repair guy. It's probably about a 30 minute walk. But we were so hot when we got back from shopping that they decided to do the beach another time.

I've been getting bug bites all over my lower legs and I look like I've got some horrible skin disease. Nobody else is getting bitten, though. Tonight, I realized that I'm the only one drinking Coke. Wonder if it changes my blood chemistry and makes my blood tastier. Even if that's the case, I'm not giving up my Coke. I just need to remember to bug spray my legs whenever I go out in the evening.

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