Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Day Without Power

The power got turned off this morning, as promised. Señor B told me that it went out at 8am instead of 7. I was still asleep. I didn't get up until...umm...err...ahh...9:15. And even then I had to drag myself out of bed. And I went to bed early! I'm a night owl, going to bed between midnight and 12:30 as a rule. Last night I hit the sheets at about 11:50. That's early for me.

Señor B took a walk along the beach while I was snoozing. I would have liked to have gone with him but you know the saying...You snooze, you lose. Well...I snoozed and

After breakfast, I took the plastic bottles down to the recycle bin and Roberto, the travelling fish guy, was in the alley. I bought some sea bass and some precooked crabmeat. I forget how many kilos of sea bass was in the package, but there are 4 good sized fillets...enough for 2 meals and I got 3/4 kilo of crab. Total was 225 pesos, so ballpark...probably about $18 - $20. I'm looking forward to cooking up the sea bass. We sure enjoyed it last time we were down.

D & V were down there and got some, too. Then Bindi showed up. She was telling us about a fishing trip she's trying to get set up for anyone who wants to go. So we all went over to her place to try to arrange things.

V is a handyman type of guy and helped us fix our sagging vanity, this morning. He had some extra pipe at his place and we had purchased hardware yesterday. He lifted up the cupboard while I set the pipe underneath. Then he shimmed up the countertop and caulked the corners. He still has to come back and screw the metal ring to the cupboard. Señor B is completely unable to get down on the floor right now, so we really appreciate V's help. V also told us how he fixed some other issues in his place. Next trip down we'll probably take care of some of the same ones we have.

After lunch, Señor B and I went to pick up a few groceries. Not too much, though, because of the lack of power. We picked up a roasted chicken, like the ones we can get at Sobey's. Sobey's could take lessons on how to roast theirs. The one we got was so juicy and tender. Puts Sobeys' to shame.

When I paid, I could tell that I could get rid of some change from my purse but I don't fully understand their system yet. Plus, numbers and I are NOT friends. So I dug out a fistful of change and held it out to the cashier to take what he needed. There's always someone to tip so it's good to keep a supply of change, but my purse jingled whenever I set it down. It was time to lighten the load. I'm going to start handing out those centavos, along with my regular tip amount, whenever I tip. Those things are useless to me.

D came by and told us about a practical joke he wanted to play on his cousin, J, who is here visiting. D had mistakenly told him that there would be a Carneval parade this weekend. When J learned that there wouldn't be a parade, he was giving D a hard time about it, whining and pouting in a good-natured way.

We were all sitting down at the pool and D came along and gave us all noisemakers. He had a few Canadian flags that he had brought down with him. When J came down to the pool, D told him that since he couldn't be here for the real parade, we'd give him one. So we all started blowing our noisemakers and waving flags and did a loop around the pool. It was pretty funny.

Supper was the roasted chicken along with some vegetables. We spent the evening at home, relaxing.

No Glass Guy and no ants today.

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