Thursday, February 24, 2011


The internet was out all day Wednesday, so I'm posting this one a day late.

I had made arrangements to meet up with Theresa from What do I do all day? . I took the AutoProgreso bus into Mérida, getting there a half hour late. Poor Theresa was waiting for me. Theresa took me to several fabric stores. She is a kindred spirit. She and I were looking at different fabrics, touching many of them. Anyone who sews knows the allure of a beautiful piece of cloth. One of the perks to being an adult is that you're allowed to look with your fingers and not just your

Fabric shopping is a very different experience from NOB. You tell a clerk how much fabric you want and they measure it off the bolt, right there. The clerk gives you a piece of paper with your purchase and price on it and then takes your fabric to the pick up area. You pay your "bill" at one counter and then go to the pick up area to get your fabric. I've read that this is fairly typical for many types of stores.

I bought 3 pieces to make myself some shirts for work and a couple of pieces to make DGD (Dear Granddaughter) some dresses. They have fabric that is smocked on the top and not on the bottom. The bottom is even finished. Making a sundress is just a matter of sewing a seam up the back and adding straps, if desired. It just doesn't get any easier than that.

We shopped until Theresa dropped. Well, not literally, but we had to take a break from all the walking. So we went and sat in the Gran Plaza Square and visited a while. We had a lady take our picture but I promised Theresa I wouldn't post it. She was feeling all self-conscious about her appearance, though I don't know why. She's a beautiful lady, inside and out. I had a great time hanging out with her. Thanks for a wonderful day, Theresa.

Took the bus back to Progreso and fell asleep on the way. I'm as bad as a baby for that...put me in a moving vehicle and I'm out like a light. I took the van home and got back about 3:00.

Glass Guy had come shortly after Señor B drove me down to the bus in the morning and told the neighbour that he'd be back at 3:00 but he never showed up.

At 4:00, a bunch of us from the complex went to a Méxican Fiesta which featured a pig roast. There were traditional dances from the states of Jalisco and Yucatán. A mariachi band entertained us after supper. The food was very good but insufficient. Many folks were still hungry. It was supposed to be all you could eat but nobody could figure out how to get a second plate. I'm not sure if anyone asked.

We all left around 8:30. It felt so much later. I was so tired I was even in bed before

I had looked for some ant killer while in Mérida but couldn't find what I was looking for. There haven't been any ants in the condo for a couple days, touch wood.

The light in the laundry room is blown out. We bought a new bulb but, with 9 foot ceilings, changing out the old one could be an adventure.


  1. I just use boric acid powder mixed with icing sugar and it either kills the ants or they don't like it and leave not sure which; but it works great.
    You can get boric acid (acido borico) at most drugstores here and icing sugar in case you don't know yet is azucar glace.
    It is non toxic to humans, animals and plants; but the ants sure don't seem to do well with it lol. yippee for that.

  2. Brenda, I've heard of using boric acid powder and I'll probably endup using that. I was looking for a product called Diatomaceous Earth. It's supposed to be the very best thing for ants and is available at the agricultural store.


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