Friday, February 25, 2011


Today I had the pleasure of spending the day with Marc from An Alaskan in Yucatan . Señor B and I picked him up at the bus depot and we all decided to go for lunch. We went down to the malecón and walked until we found a place that didn't have loud music. We wanted to be able to actually visit, without having to yell over "background music".

We ended up at Le Saint Bonnet and we all had very good meals. I had chicken cordon bleu that was way too much for me to eat, so I shared it with Marc and Señor B.

After lunch we went back to our condo, had a good, long visit and showed Marc around the complex. Late afternoon, we took him back to the bus depot.

Marc is an excellent conversationalist and we talked about many different things. We sure enjoyed spending time with him and look forward to seeing him the next time we come down.

After returning from the bus depot, we went down to the pool for a quick dip. Well...Señor B dipped. I just enjoyed what was left of the sun.

A group of us decided to go to Natasha's for supper. I had the BBQ chicken that I had the last time I was there and it was just as tasty as the other time.

We haven't had any ants in the condo for the last couple of days. It seems they've migrated to our next door neighbour's. While I'm happy for me, it sure does suck for them.

I got 4 bug bites last night. My fault for not wearing long pants when we were sitting outside. I've started doing this, following the advice of expats who live here. It seems the little critters are more active at night and long pants keeps them at bay. The repellant that comes highly recommended smells positively toxic so I want to avoid using it, if I can.

I popped a ChlorTripolon last night to help relieve the itch. This morning my feet and ankles were a bit puffy. Last trip down, my left foot became quite swollen and I went to a doctor about it. I didn't have the puffiness after being bitten, on previous trips, so it would seem that the antihistamine is the culprit for the swelling. Guess I'll have to find something else for them.


  1. It was a really nice day. Thank you both again for lunch and the relaxing afternoon talking about Mexico and places up north. I enjoyed looking around your neighborhood and seeing your beautiful apartment. I've never been much of a "condo person," but I like yours a lot.

    You both remind me of Alaskans for several reasons.

    Have a safe trip home.

  2. Thanks for making the trip out, Marc. Glad you liked our place. Next time I should have some pictures on the

  3. Hi Barb, my name is lisa and I just stummbled on your blog. I am actually planning on moving down to Mexico in April, but I stayed there for a month in January and those moscos are nasty little things they get me pretty good too. Do you and Senor B have a net over your bed? It has really helped my fiance and I. And yes definetly where clothes that cover more of your skin in the evening, it helps most of the time.

  4. Hi Lisa. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    We don't have a net over the bed. They don't bother me then. It's only when I'm outside in the evening.

    Good luck on your move. Where are you moving to?

  5. Thanks. I will actually be going to La Barca, Jalisco. It is about an hour and a half away from the GLJ airport.


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