Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Packing Begins

Last night I hauled my suitcase up from the basement and started putting things in it. When we came down in Nov, the week prior had been extremely busy for me.

I have a microbusiness selling soap and other bath and body products that I make. I had a major show Nov 6th and we were flying out late that night. Between getting ready for the show and packing, that whole week was complete and utter chaos.

I have a box that is dedicated to things I want to bring down. I had put the girls in charge of adding those items to their suitcases. There were a few things that absolutely had to come down, so I set those aside and told the girls to make sure those items went in. Well, that's what they did. But they didn't add in anything from the box. Which I didn't find out until we were in Progreso. Argh!

After the show, I brought my products home, threw the suitcases into the truck and we headed off to the airport. I didn't have time to see if the girls had packed everything. I thought they had understood my instructions and had packed what they could of what was in the box. But they hadn't.

This coming Sat, I'm selling my products at a show and we leave Sat night. This event isn't as big so I don't have as much prep work. However, I'm being better prepared for our trip this time. I don't want a repeat of last time. 'Course, this time I'm the one doing all the packing rather than relying on someone else so if anything gets forgotten, it's my own

So I've got my suitcase sitting open on the couch and I'll work on it all week instead of scrambling to get it done in an afternoon. I don't know how other people can pack quickly. It takes me all day, even with my packing list. Which I happened to find yesterday. Hurray!!

I have a list that I started way back when the kids were small. I was always forgetting something so I started writing down everything I needed, adding to it as I discovered things that I wished I had thought of. So now I have this very comprehensive list that I pick and choose from, based on where I'm going.

It went missing after we got back from holidays last Jan. I didn't have it when we went in Nov. And, true to form, there were things I forgot. Like a visor. I have 4 or 5 of them because I keep forgetting to bring one and end up having to buy another. It's kind of a running joke between me and Señor B.

I've already put my visor in the suitcase, along with my bathing suit and sandals. Can't think of much else I

Six more sleeps. I can't wait!

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  1. I would love to get a glimpse of that list of yours! lol...
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