Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Day

Today is our last day for this trip. We so don't want to leave. We enjoy México so much.

After breakfast, D came downtown with us to help us pay our power bill and our taxes. She's fairly fluent and is a godsend to most of us here. We still had a credit at the electric company but I topped it up some, anyways. Here, you can prepay your electric. I suppose it can be done in Canada, but I don't know of too many people who have that kind of extra money lying around. It's so cheap here. I had an 800 peso credit sometime last year and still had a credit of 439 pesos.

The taxes went smoothly. We had all the appropriate paperwork and the name change from the builder to our trust company had already been done. We thought the taxes had been paid last year but the lady said it hadn't. Taxes for 2 years was 456 pesos, or about $40. For 2 years! Incredible.

A couple, M & J, who are staying with S & D upstairs expressed an interest in renting our condo so they came to take a look at it. I mentioned, in passing, that I'd been trying to find a doorstop for the laundry room door. We've been using a sandal stuffed underneath it.

We went back to the condo and had some lunch. Then down to the pool for one last day of sun. It was hot today. Forecast was 35C and I'm sure it was. I even spent most of the afternoon in the pool. Same for yesterday. As I mentioned in a previous post, you know it's hot when I go in the pool.

It's freaking cold at home, though. For the next week, the highs are in the minus mid teens, Celsius, of course. The lows will be in the -30C range. We'll get in to the airport at about 11pm so it's going to be somewhere near that -30. Lord have mercy.

S & D and their friends had gone into Mérida to do some shopping. They all joined us at the pool later. J came to me and said he had a gift for me. He holds out a book. I love reading but thought it was odd that he was giving me a book because I hadn't ever said anything about reading. Oh no. That wasn't the gift. Tucked into his hands, underneath the book, was a doorstop. I've looked around in México. I had even looked in Canada, to no avail. I was so excited. Unless you live here, it's hard to understand how much such little things mean.

We stayed at the pool until the sun was behind the building and we were in full shade. Then we made our way to our place to make supper.

It was hot enough today that we actually turned the AC on. Only the second time this trip. We get such a fantastic cross-breeze through the place that it rarely gets hot enough to use the AC. Tonight, there's almost no wind. Señor B has already gone to bed and said to leave the bedroom window open to get some airflow.

It's strangely quiet tonight. There's almost no traffic. Even the transit bus that sounds like a low flying airplane has only come by a couple of times, or so it seems. It's as though México is mourning with us about our impending departure.

I've only killed 4 ants tonight. Owen and Bindi have been invaded. They found a bunch in their blender, in the space between the base and the pitcher. They also found a bunch inside their oven. I also killed some weird bug that I've never seen before. I thought it was a cockroach but the pictures on Google don't look anything like what I killed.

Those ants are some tough critters! You can't do a gentle squish in hopes of avoiding a mess. If you don't step on them hard enough, they can still motor about. I had one on the wall that I swept off with my flip flop. I accidentally broke it in half. Be darned if the head half still didn't go running!

My feet are still puffy so I'm thinking it musn't be the Chlor Tripolon causing it. You'd think, after 4 days of not taking it, the swelling would be gone. There are some other possibilities that I'm going to try to rule out next trip.

Tomorrow is going to be an early morning so I'd best get to bed. We'd like to be out of here by 7:30am. It should be illegal to have to be up that early when you're on holidays.


  1. Hope you had a safe return home!!

    Wow, your electrical bill is cheap!! Ours is sooo expensive. MUCH more than it was back in Calgary!!

    Glad you enjoyed your time in paradise - hope you come back soon :)

  2. Have a safe trip!! Also I agree with you, in mexico all the little things do count so much. Hope you are able to go back soon!!

  3. Thanks, ladies. We made it home safe and sound. I'll blog about it tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight.

    Elle, we've heard that electricity can be very expensive, especially if you run the AC a lot. Our place is empty in the summer and when we're there, it's rarely hot enough to run it. The cross-breeze is usually enough to keep the place cool, though it does mean sweeping

    We're planning to come down in Nov. Can't wait!


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