Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quiet, Peaceful Day

Today is Señor B's birthday. He's officially over the hill. Last year he crested it. This year he's over the summit...lol. I had bought him a card before we left Canada but I couldn't find it when I was doing the last of my packing the night before. I didn't have time to get him another one so I guess I'll have to do that when we get back.

He went on a fishing excursion with a few other folks from the complex. They thought they'd be back around 2pm but they didn't get in until 5:30. They caught lots of fish. Between that and what I bought from the fish guy the other day, we won't need to buy any meat before we leave. We'll be eating fish for the next week. I'm not a big fan of fish. I'm going to have to find some recipes so I'm not eating the same taste for the next 6 days. Señor B has no idea what kind of fish he has so this could be interesting...lol.

I spent the day puttering around the condo. I swept and washed the floors, did a couple loads of laundry, the dishes, washed out the fridge and just did a general deep clean. Spent some time online and worked on my Spanish lesson.

I also took some "nice" photos of the condo for some friends who want to see it. I removed all the detritus, trying to make it look as if nobody was here. I moved all the extra stuff, like the suitcases, from each room, took the photos and then returned everything back. That wasted about an hour of my day...lol.

The wind was from inland again this morning so it was pretty warm in the condo, but not hot enough to run the AC. Shortly after lunch, it switched directions and the place cooled off nicely. I didn't go down to the pool today, though. I just hung out in the condo.

We didn't bother with supper tonight. Señor B said they had ceviche near the end of their trip so he wasn't hungry and I had made myself a sandwich shortly before he got home. We had some ice cream a bit later and we've spent the evening just relaxing. He's watching a creep show and I'm trying to ignore it.

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