Friday, February 18, 2011

Small Stuff

How do I title a day that's made up of small, miscellaneous comings and goings? Most of our days are like that and I never know quite what to put for the title.

Today started out pretty slow. Breakfast, housework and then some time in the sun on the front balcony.

After lunch, we were just hanging around the condo and D & V, residents who live on the floor above us, came by. They were headed into Mérida and invited us along. We picked up a hinged doorsweep to try to keep those pesky ants out, as well as some hardware to prop up the bathroom vanity. It still hasn't been fixed so I guess we're on our own.

D had to pick up a painting she'd had done and I looked through the artist's portfolio to see if I wanted him to do something for us. He can make any changes to the pictures that a person wants. Prefer blue tones instead of orange? He can do that. Want the picture divided to make a set of three paintings instead of one? He can do that, too. He said it would take a week to finish and we felt that was cutting things too close to our departure date. He has some beautiful pieces so we'll pay him another visit when we come back in Nov.

After we got back, we had planned on picking up a few groceries because our cupboards are bare. We had intentionally kept things sparse because of the impending power outage. Then we remembered that we'd heard earlier today that the power will be out again tomorrow. So we decided against a grocery run. We do need a few dry goods (and coke. We're out and I'm going through so we'll get those tomorrow since we won't be able to do much at home. I've filled jugs and buckets with water and have a load of laundry in the dryer so we can have clean towels for tomorrow.

Owen & Bindi stopped by and, over a few drinks and snacks, told us all about their trip to the cenotes. They did "the 3 cenote tour." I'm not sure where it is but apparently there are videos on YouTube. They were gone all day and quite enjoyed the trip. When Señor B is off his crutches, we might have to go.

So far, no ants on the floor but I found 3 in the kitchen towel drawer. Señor B pulled the drawer out and I saw the inlet for the gas for the stove. I wonder if they might be coming in that way. I have 4 drawers in a vertical row and the ants only show up in the towel drawer. Maybe Owen can take a look for us. Señor B is unable to get on the floor and I won't have a clue what to look for, being a girl and

The Glass Guy still hasn't shown up. Or if he did, we weren't home. We'll have to get hold of him again and see what's up. Back home, this failure to show would be unacceptable and I'd be stinking mad. But here, it's just the way things are. One has to be able to go with the flow to live here. When we first bought the condo, we were so frustrated by how slowly things move but we've become used to it. It can still be frustrating, especially when we only have a certain amount of time in which to get things done, but there's no way we can change an entire culture. So we're slowly adapting to the mañana philosophy.

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