Friday, February 25, 2011


We had planned on going in to Mérida this morning to pick up some papers from our lawyer but guess who showed up? Glass Guy!

He and his partner got the new shower door installed and it looks great. The old frame had been placed against the wall so there's a gap between the tile in the shower stall and the tile they used for the baseboard. We'll have to patch those up next trip. Hopefully the plaster doesn't get too much water damage before then.

After he got it installed, he said he had to go get the silicone. Why didn't he bring it with him? Because this is Mé So many things are done so oddly here that you just have to laugh. We told them they could take the old doors and frame. What are we going to do with them? So he and his partner loaded them up on their vehicle which just happened to be.....a scooter. LOLOL Oh man. I wish I'd had my camera handy to get a picture of that. They laid all the pieces sideways between them and off they went.

We had no idea how long he was going to be. We figured he'd be back in about half an hour but it was more like 2.

We finally made it to Mérida. We tried to find the lawyer's office but we couldn't remember exactly how to get there and I didn't have the map that we'd been given a year ago when we came to finalize the paperwork. We drove around but gave up. So we went to Sam's Club and got a taxi to take us there and then back to Sam's where we had parked the car.

Mérida is divided into many colonias, or subdivisions. The streets are numbered but each colonia has their own numbering system. You can be driving on 23rd Street but as soon as you enter another colonia the street number changes. This makes it really easy to get lost.

After the lawyer, we went to Home Depot to pick up a few things. Then to a couple of pottery places to see what they had and then home.

Just outside of Progreso, we saw a woman on a scooter with a large cardboard box, the shape reminiscent of something one would put a large picture in...more flat than cubic shaped. The box was upended in front of her face. We thought she was driving the scooter and wondering how the heck she could see to do that. As we passed her, we saw that she was actually the passenger. That gave us a good laugh, especially after Glass Guy.

We didn't get home until about 5:30. I took some fish out to thaw and Owen showed up. And then Bindi. So I decided to ask them to supper and took another package of fish out. We didn't eat until probably close to 10pm, but I've read that late suppers are typical in México. Perhaps because it's cooler then.

The power was out briefly a couple of times yesterday and today. But only about half an hour instead of most of the day.

I've received my first bug bites of the trip. I hadn't posted about it earlier because I didn't want to jinx myself. ChlorTripolon to the rescue.

But no ants today!


  1. Hi Barb, I just found your blog and enjoyed reading your posts. I chuckled at the visual image of the Glass Guy on the scooter. That's what we love about Mexico--it has the power to make us laugh and truly feel alive everyday. We are moving to Merida this summer. I'd love to communicate with you off blog. ~Gail at

  2. Hi Gail! Thanks for stopping by to read my little blurb in the blog world.

    Some things here can be so frustrating, some things are shocking and some things make you bust a gut laughing. Welcome to Mexico. I hope you love it here as much as Senor B and I do.

  3. Hi Barb! We do love Mexico! Life is great here. We moved down in 2005--it feels like forever now. Hope you had a safe trip back north and maybe we can meet up on your next trip down!~Gail


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