Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meeting and Massage

This morning Bindi and I, along with a few other condo residents, went to a meeting downtown. The Canadian consulars from Cancún and México City were there to get an idea of the issues Canadian expats are facing and to address their concerns. They were then taking those concerns to a meeting with local authorities in the afternoon.

We took the little local bus, which is really a converted van, there and back. Cost is 4.5 pesos per trip. Because Progreso has a lot of one way streets, we had to walk a block to catch the downtown one. The one coming home stops right at our corner.

Yesterday, Bindi had arranged for some gals to come to the complex to give massages. There was enough interest for 4 girls to come. They set up their tables under the palapa down at the pool. Señor B and I both partook. Cost was 200 pesos each for one hour. It was very nice and was all done without the privacy of an individual room, like we have NOB. They have a technique for taking off your shirt and bra without compromising your modesty. I was quite intrigued.

Afterwards, a bunch of us got talking and decided to go to Natasha's for supper. Her little restaurant has a real name but everyone just refers to it as "Natasha's." Señor B had sauteed shrimp and I had the BBQ spiced chicken. Both meals were delicious. He had a couple of beers, I had 2 drinks and we both had dessert. The bill came to 370 pesos, so probably in the neighbourhood of $32. The salad was especially delicious and I had meant to ask her what dressing she used and if she had some we could buy, but I forgot. Pretty sure it's the fault of the second drink I had. Holey moley. It's a good thing I didn't have to drive after.

Then we went back to Owen and Bindi's for more visiting.

It's been a bit chilly since we got here. I've been wearing my jeans in the evening and taking a jacket when we go out. There's lots of heat in the sun, but the wind is cool, coming in off the Gulf. I know, I know...wah, wah, wah...how cold can it be? It's certainly much warmer than back in Canada, but one thing to know is that they don't have central heating here. When it's cold, there's no way to warm up except to add layers of clothing. I had to add an extra blanket to the bed last night and will use it again tonight.


  1. Erica, it was lovely. And you just can't beat the price. Back home, I pay $70 for one hour.


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