Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Hot Day in Paradise

Woke up early this morning. I was up and rolling shortly after 7:00. I don't get up that early at home, even on work days. Sheesh! But it was just one of those days where I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.

After breakfast, Owen, Señor B and I went uptown. We stopped at the glass shop to remind them that we wanted them to come. "Twenty minutes," we were told. So Owen made one more stop and then we went back to the condo to drop off Señor B so he could wait for the glass guy. Owen and I both had to get groceries so we did that after dropping off Señor B.

We agreed that whoever was done first would wait outside the doors for the other. I got there and waited a few minutes. Then I noticed that it looked like the rear lights on Owen's truck were on. I figured he was waiting inside with the AC on, so I toddled on over. He wasn't there so I just stood at the back of his truck and waited for him. I waited about 10 minutes and felt like such a fool.

In México, they have guys who help you put your groceries in your vehicle and help back you out of your parking space. These guys are a godsend when the traffic is heavy. It's customary to tip about 5 pesos. So there I am, a red-headed white chick who is clearly a foreigner, just standing there getting gawked at. I felt like people were thinking, "Oh, look at the Princess...waiting for someone to help her." Ugh.

When we got back to the complex, Señor B said the guy hadn't come yet. Whatever. If he comes, he comes. If he doesn't, he doesn't.

Massages had been arranged for the afternoon and we had decided to get one. We were down at the pool waiting our turn when we heard Owen talking to someone who was speaking Spanish. The front balcony/walkway overlooks the courtyard so it was easy to hear them. It was Glass Guy and friend. They measured up our space, saying they would return Wed am to install the glass. We shall see.

The massage was just as fabulous as the other one. I had a different girl and she did some things a bit differently. Because of my job as a hairdresser, I bend to the right a lot. The muscles on the right side of my body are contracted because of it. This gal must be somewhat experienced because she really worked the right side of my body, digging right in with her arms.

She also massaged my belly...?!  This was a new one on me. Not sure what she expected to accomplish by rolling (because, seriously, how could there be any massaging involved here?) my middle-aged, overweight, birthed-three-babies waterbed belly around. I'm so glad there weren't any guys around at the time. The only man allowed to see that gelatinous, stretchmarked mess is Señor B.

Monday is water day at the complex. Because we can't drink the tap water, we get our water in 5 gallon jugs, just like at home. It costs 20 pesos. You leave the money in the jug and leave the jug outside your door. The water guy replaces the empty with a full one. We leave him a 5 peso tip because we sure appreciate him hauling those heavy jugs up the stairs. I saw him carrying two of them, one in each hand. He must have very strong hands.

It was hot today. The wind came from the south which is inland. It's much hotter than the more typical wind that comes from off the Gulf. I actually went in the  pool. I hate water. I hate getting wet. So you know it's hot when I'll actually choose to get wet. It's supposed to be hot all week so I expect I'll be in the pool quite bit.

It was L's birthday today, so a bunch of us got together under the palapa for supper and drinks. We ordered pizza from Dominoes and it was just as good as it was when we got it in Nov. It was a fine ending to a fine day.

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