Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Roasty, Toasty Day

Last night was so hot that we decided to sleep with the AC on. We usually get such a great cross breeze that we rarely use the AC. But yesterday the breeze was from inland instead of off the Gulf. Inland breezes are what give us the very hot weather.

I can tolerate more heat than Senor B can. (I'm convinced that the stork delivered me to the wrong country). But neither of us can take the humidity. We're used to 20-30%, not the 80% we had yesterday. So on went the AC for Senor B and on went an extra blankie on my side of the bed for me.

We lost power for about half an hour later in the evening and it went out again during the night. I woke up hot enough to have to kick off my blanket. I listened for the AC but it wasn't going. I thought Senor B had turned it off. Then I noticed that I wasn't feeling the breeze from the fan, either. The clock was dark and the lights in the back alley were out. I had to open the window to get some air in the room.

Senor B figures the power was out most of the night. Fortunately, we didn't lose any food.

Today was another scorcher. Liz and I went to Merida and it was much hotter there than in Progreso. Now I understand why the folks from Merida come out here during the summer.


  1. I wish we could swap a few degrees - you could send us some warmer breezes and we could send you a sliver of our 40 degree day.

  2. Would if I could, J&A. A happy medium always seems so elusive, doesn't it?


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