Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crazy Day

Today we attached the mirror to the dresser. What a difference it makes! The one in the bathroom is ok, but it's an oval shape and always felt too small whenever I did my hair or applied makeup. The bedroom is also brighter, a definite advantage if I don't want my makeup to make me look like a streetwalker.

There's a soccer field across the street and there's a game almost every weekend. Today was game day. About mid-afternoon, the wind suddenly started blowing hard. It came out of nowhere. One minute it was calm and the next, it was practically gale-force winds. The chairs on the deck started blowing around so we had to bring them in. It was spitting rain for a while and then, suddenly, it was a torrential downpour. I mean, it was POUR. ING. And the soccer game continued!! Our kids in Canada have had to play in the snow so I suppose I shouldn't have been too surprised that they would continue their game but if you could have seen how hard it was raining, you'd be surprised, too. Perhaps the clincher is the same as at home...unless there's lightning, which there wasn't today, the game goes on.

Senor B decided he needed to do a "novelty swim." What's that, you ask? Well, that would be a swim in the pool during the torrential rains. Doofus. I chose to stay dry inside and worked on my Spanish course.

S&D from upstairs came over to watch the Grey Cup. S was cheering for BC so their win made her happy. I don't really understand football but I know enough to realize that Winnipeg pulled off a pretty amazing feat near the end of the game.

The wind is still howling. Our gulf-facing windows go from floor to ceiling and are in 3 sliding sections. The wind is literally whistling through them. It's banging them hard enough that it sounds like someone knocking. Might be tough to sleep tonight. The online weather site says the winds are 22km. I beg to differ. I'd bet money that they're stronger. I think the nearest weather station is Merida. Since it's not right on the coast like Progreso, the winds may not be as strong there, hence the 22km reading.

I have an appointment to see the dentist tomorrow afternoon but my teeth didn't hurt nearly as much this morning so I think I might cancel the appointment. I'll see how things are in the morning.


  1. We live on top of a hill in the northeast U.S., and when the winds come, I get really unsettled. At least you're closer to the ground, if that helps any.

    I can't wait to visit Progreso one day. It's your blog that's making me think of it more and more. If I have any money left over after our project in Merida, I want an "investment property" condo up where you are.

  2. Barb, I took a bus from Cancun airport to Merida yesterday afternoon, and arrived in the same downpour, I suppose. Things here were very, very wet and I got soaked going from bus to car, and car to my front my door. I like the cool, though. I am glad to be home.

    I am glad your visit is going well.

  3. Lee, S&D live on the upper floor and they said the wind is much worse up there. They remarked how quiet it was in our unit. We thought it was pretty noisy so it must be *really* loud up there.

    Thanks for the compliment. We love Progreso. It's quiet and laid-back and suits our lifestyle to a T.

    Marc, wasn't that rain something? A person would be drenched in mere seconds. Welcome back. I hope you had a good visit.

  4. You've had a bit of everything on this trip, haven't you? I've really been enjoying your frequent posts. It gives me the warm sense of being there again. I love the idea of swimming in the downpour, and I can picture those soaked kids playing soccer in the rain.

  5. Ah, thanks, Debbie. I enjoy posting and sharing what we do with whomever chooses to read. The soccer players were adults, which makes their staying even more


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