Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Seeing the Dentist in Mexico

First, I forgot to mention that when Theresa came to visit yesterday, she brought me a birthday present...a lovely painting she had done and that I had admired on her blog. Isn't it beautiful? The colours are perfect for the condo. Now I just have to figure out the perfect spot to showcase it. Check out her blog for other paintings she's done. She's quite talented.

Ok, on to my experience with seeing a dentist here. Here's the website.

I got the dentist's name and website from some folks, J&L, who are staying in the complex. I needed a  nightguard because I grind my teeth at night. I sent the dentist an email and set up my appointment that way. I emailed Sunday evening and was able to see him today. Wow!! Back home, I'd be waiting *at least* a month.

Since we don't have a car rental, I had to take the Autoprogreso bus in. I needed to get off at Chedraui, a box store here, but wasn't sure where to get off the bus. In my very poor Spanish, I asked the young lady sitting beside me if this was Chedraui and she said no and then started chattering away and gesticulating directions. I told her my Spanish wasn't very good so she said she would tell me when. I actually didn't understand her words but her tone and watchful eye told me what she had said.

J&L had said I would need to get a cab at Chedraui so I told the two customer service guys standing outside, that I needed one. I expected that they would call one for me but instead the young man pointed to the street and said, "yaddayaddayadda...senale...yaddayadda...avenida...yaddayadda." Two words I understood. Ok, gotcha. I need to go out to the avenue, stand near the big sign and flag a taxi down.

Got a cab and gave the driver the paper with the address. The drive took about 20 minutes and cost 56 pesos, just over $4. Four dollars!!! That would have been at least $30 at home. I'm constantly amazed at how inexpensive so many things are here.

I got to the dentist about 10. My appointment wasn't until 10:30 but he took me almost as soon as I got there. Javier, the dentist on the website, looked at my teeth and then Ricardo, another dentist, did the actual work. Both dentists introduced themselves by their first names. It felt odd addressing them that way instead of as Dr. So-and-so.

I'm a high maintenance patient. I don't want to be, but I am. My dentist at home says my nerves are wired differently and it makes freezing very difficult. I've had as many as 3 shots in one sitting and yet didn't freeze.
I also have a weak gag reflex. A trip to the dentist is always an ordeal. Today was no different.

Ricardo put too much mold product into the tray. It squished out and it went too far into the back of my mouth. Thankfully, I didn't do more than gag but the mold had to come out. The second attempt worked.

I was all finished with that part by 10:30, my original appointment time. Ricardo said the guard would be ready at noon and I could come back then. Seriously?! I was gobsmacked that it would be ready so soon.

J&L were also there so we went to the mall across the street and had some lunch, after they took care of some business they had. Then it was time to go back to get the guard.

Javier and Ricardo both speak great English, as do a couple of the girls who work there. The office is clean. His set up, at least the chair I sat in, isn't quite as modern as I'm used to. Remember those little bowls for spitting into, on the side of the chair? That's what my chair had. I haven't seen those in quite a while. But that doesn't matter. I was only concerned about getting a guard that fit and that's what I got.

The very best part? My dentist at home had quoted me about $525 for this. Our insurance company would have paid for half, making my cost about $250. My cost today was 850 pesos, about $63.


  1. Darn it. Is it possible to delete this comment completely? I don't appreciate someone using my blog for free advertising unless it's someone I already endorse.

  2. Lovely painting by Theresa. Love your description of hearing Spanish - I measure progress by how much I understand between the "Yaddayaddas". Glad the dental procedure went well.

  3. Barb,yes it is. Go to the comments, see little garbage can you see when you log on your blog(you have to be logged in), and select it.Under delete comment is box that asks "delete forever" select that box, then delete. voila! spammer is all gone.


  4. Thanks, Theresa. Not sure what I did wrong the first time but it worked now.


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