Monday, November 21, 2011

Condo Critters

Technically, we're not allowed to have pets in the complex but we've all kind of adopted a beautiful yellow short-haired female dog. Chica does a good job guarding the place. She chases other dogs away and isn't fond of new people. She also chases the big bad motorbikes and cars/trucks away. I hope she doesn't end up getting hit. Her vigilance earns her the regular meals that she receives. Chica has gotten used to seeing me and Senor B and has learned that we give scratches behind the ears. I'm sure she was abused in the past. If you say "No" to her in a firm voice, her whole body droops and she looks so disappointed to have done something that would make you raise your voice.

We also have 3 cats. I'm not sure if they have names. They get fed but I think they're feral. I haven't seen anyone cuddling them and they're extremely wary whenever we get near them. Earlier tonight I heard some scratching outside the front screen door. I looked over and there was one of the cats using the doormat as a scratching post. He finished doing his thing, then sat there and watched me. He had his neck stretched up in the way that cats do when they're being curious. I talked to him from where I was sitting and he listened but I'm sure that, had I stood up, he would have been off like a shot.

People have said that since the cats arrived, there have been fewer geckos so it's assumed that the cats are eating them. I know that geckos are a good thing because they eat mosquitoes, but they kind of creep me out so I can't say that I miss them.

I'm more of a cat person than a dog person (sorry, dog lovers). I find cats endlessly amusing. I wish our condo cats were more sociable. Ah well. I guess they're being paid (fed) to do a job (get rid of mice, etc) and they don't like to socialize while at work.

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