Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Didn't Have to Cook Today

The highlight of today was spending time with Marc from An Alaskan in Yucatan . I met him down at the bus depot this morning and we came back to the condo to hang out for a while. For lunch, we all went to a fairly new restaurant called Casa on the Malecon, located on the east end of the malecon. It's strictly a seafood place. We had planned on going there for my birthday but it was closed that night. Lucky for me because I'm not too big on seafood.

We had the usual botanas and we also each got a cup of shrimp broth that was surprisingly good. We all had fish filetes, each with a different sauce. All were tasty but one of them wasn't fully cooked on the inside. The prices seemed reasonable enough for this area.

The restaurant appears to be an older home that's been converted. There were tables on the patio as well as on the grass, which is where we chose to sit. Lots of trees on the lawn gave it a park-like feel, yet the Gulf vista let you know that you were still at the beach. It was a unique and pleasant experience.

Marc is a wealth of information and we learned about different plants and some history about the area. Sadly for us, he had business in Merida and, all too soon, had to leave.

The Bamboo Beach in Chicxulub hosted a Welcome Back, Snowbirds supper tonight so a whole gaggle of us from the complex went. The first drink, as well as tacos, was on the house. The tacos were very tasty and the service was very good. There was a live amateur band that played music from our era. In English, too. The supper wasn't very well attended, though. I'm not sure if it wasn't very well advertised or if there were conflicting events that kept expats away. It's unfortunate for the folks who missed out because it was an enjoyable evening.

I think we have a rogue mosquito in the condo. I've had hardly any bites since we got to Mexico but I've sprouted several over the past 2 or 3 days. Poor Senor B has one of those huge bites that I usually get. While I feel bad for him, I'm glad it's not me this time.

Another norte has blown in but it's not as wildly windy as it sometimes is. The cooling breezes are very welcome.


  1. I was glad to have the chance to come out and visit and sorry I didn't have more time. I had a good day. See you next time...

  2. It was great to get together with you again. Looking forward to next time.


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