Thursday, November 24, 2011

Slow, Boring Day

I wish I had something exciting to write but it was a pretty slow and boring day.

The other day, I bought a woven rug to hang on the wall. To hang it, I've decided to turn one end over and stitch it in place to make a rod pocket. Not having a sewing machine means I have to do it by hand but it's actually moving along fairly quickly. Still, I have to sit hunched over and it hurts my back so I can only work for short periods of time. I should get it done tomorrow.

Went to the pool this afternoon and worked on my Spanish course tonight.

One of the condo cats has been curled up outside the screen door almost all evening. He looks pretty content there. One of the other cats showed up and they had a standoff. They growled at each other a couple of times and Cat #1 reached up to swat #2. He didn't even bother to get up. Just did it from his lying down position. Lazy thing. I think he must be Alpha because the other cat gave up right away and mosied off.

The cat fight that wasn't was the most exciting thing that happened today. Well, except for calling Middle Daughter tonight on Magicjack but that's a different kind of exciting.

Yaawwwnnnn.  See? Told you it was a slow day.

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