Friday, November 18, 2011

Tummy Woes

This morning I woke up not feeling well. I felt kind of weak and my tummy wasn't quite right. I had some toast and went back to bed, not because I was still tired but because I just didn't have the energy to be up. Hardly ate anything today and even had a rare afternoon nap. My innards were roiling all day and I thought maybe I'd picked up some bug from eating out yesterday. By suppertime, I was so cold I had to put on a sweater and jeans. Senor B heated up some leftovers and I just had toast. I started thinking I was coming down with something.

As the evening wore on, I started feeling better and better. Now I feel great.

I have no idea what caused me to feel so icky all day but I'm glad it's gone.


  1. I'm glad it only lasted a day and you are up and about again.

  2. Thanks, guys. Being sick, especially on vacation, sucks.


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