Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Day Out

Neighbour C and I went shopping uptown today. She was looking for a shirt to wear with a necklace she had. We went to umpteen clothing stores, finally finding one that had what she wanted. I also picked up a couple of tops.

While she was browsing, I kept feeling little stings on my legs but I didn't really think too much of it. I get these every so often and it always turns out to be nothing. Finally, I can't stand it anymore and look down. omg! Mosquitoes! A dozen or so, all buzzing around my lower legs and feasting away.

As we were paying for our purchases, C told the cashier that we should get a discount seeing as how the store had some of our blood. Not sure if her comment helped but we did get good deals on our tops.

We don't know the name of the store but we've been calling it The Mosquito Store.

Something that made us chuckle was how all the tops were "one size". It didn't seem to matter that many of the tops seemed to be made for skinny minnie's. They were all one size and the clerks all assured us that they would fit us. Some did. Some did not. And some fit but were tighter than we're used to wearing. Maybe we just need to get our sexy on.

Tonight, a bunch of us from the complex went down to the Yakunah for supper and drinks. Yakunah is a lovely little hotel that we stayed at when we first came down to look at the condo. On Saturday nights, they host Happy Hour from 6 - 7pm where drinks are 2 for 1. Two of us had pina coladas and we questioned, amongst ourselves, whether or not there was actually any liquor in them. We both had 4 and didn't feel any alcoholic effects whatsoever.

There's also music. A gentleman sings in both Spanish and English. We were told that he can't actually speak English, he just sings in English. Not sure if that's true, but it makes for a fun story. There's a dance floor for those who choose to cut the rug.

We all ordered supper and everyone's meals were great. Sr B and I both had the Cajun chicken breast. Delicious! I like spicy but it was almost too much for me. Sr B likes things spicier than I do and he thoroughly enjoyed his. For dessert, we all had brownies with ice cream. That was really good, too. I forgot to take pictures.

We had planned on taking a combi home but the few that came along didn't pick us up. The small ones were too full for our party of 6 and the big buses were off duty and just drove past us. So we walked home. It probably took us about 20-25 minutes. Had I been wearing shoes meant for walking, we could have done it much faster. But it was a beautiful evening. Warm but not hot and very little breeze. Perfect for strolling.

The only negative was Sr B not hearing, "Watch out for the dog poop!"


  1. Now that I think of it, I didn't get any buzz from my two daiquiris on the Malecon, either.. hmmmm.

  2. Lee, maybe the thinking is that, because of the sweetness of the mix, we can't tell there's no liquor, or that it's been watered down. I have no proof that this is done but most of us know how much we can drink before we start to feel the affects of alcohol and I certainly didn't feel like I'd had 4 drinks.


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