Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Good Day

Today was a much better day, pain wise. My shoulders are still sore but my mouth didn't hurt anywhere near like it did yesterday. I'm still getting the occasional stab of pain but it's much weaker than yesterday's and doesn't last as long. It hasn't been enough to require painkillers.

Oddly, when I woke up this morning, the right side of my jaw (that I had the work done on) and the upper muscle that runs from my neck to my right shoulder were stiff. I can understand my jaw but the neck to shoulder muscle has me baffled.

Sr B and I ran some errands this morning. We finally paid our taxes, all 211 pesos of it. Seriously. It costs us more to go out for a nice supper with a couple of drinks. Picked up a syringe to shoot some calcium remover into the kitchen faucet. Exchanged some big bills at the bank. Got some groceries and headed home.

Sr B hit the pool when we got back but I'm still pretty pink so I'm still staying out of the sun.

The couple that is staying in the unit beside us is going home tomorrow so another neighbour hosted a going away party tonight. It was a fun get together and we met a new-to-us couple. Many of the people who stayed in the complex this year are planning on returning next year so it'll be nice to see them all again in November.

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