Monday, March 18, 2013

Taking Care of Business

This morning was spent taking care of errands.

First up was to pay our property taxes. I forget when the due date is but I know that we're past it. We paid late last year but I don't think we got penalized. Even if we did, we only paid about 230 pesos, so we're not too concerned about paying late this year. Unfortunately, the building was closed because today is a holiday so we'll have to do this another day.

Then it was off to see the doctor. Sr B has had some irritation in one of his eyes. We went to the hospital across the way from the tax building. The doctor spoke very good English. He said he lived in California until age 12. Turns out Sr B has a bacterial infection so the doctor prescribed him eye drops and ointment.

There's a pharmacy in the hospital but they didn't have what we needed so it was off to another. We lucked out and were able to fill both prescriptions at the next one.

The last time I got money from the bank, it spit out all 500 peso bills. I wanted to go to the bank to break some into much smaller money. I'm almost out of small bills and I'm running low on bus fare. The bank was also closed. This is when we figured out today was a holiday. (For my readers back home...many of the smaller, independant retailers don't have much money in their till. Paying for a 20 peso item with a 100 peso bill can send them into a tizzy. More than once the cashier has had to go to another store to get our change. Hence the need to break some of those 500's).

So we picked up some Sarralit (spelling?) to help get rid of calcium build-up, a bottle of Kahlua and headed home.

It was hotter than Hades today so we hit the pool when we got home. We were just going to cool off but a few folks we hadn't seen in a while showed up so we ended up staying longer than we'd planned. Since the plan was to only be down there for a short time, we hadn't sunscreened. Two hours later I decided it was time to leave. I could see Sr B turning red so I shoo'ed him out of the pool. We're not too badly burned but I'm glad I brought the aloe gel.

We heard that it poured in Merida this afternoon, complete with thunder and lightning. We could see a dark cloud to the south but it missed us. We heard thunder but didn't see any lightning and not a single drop of rain fell here, though I can smell rain in the air now.

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